The Nokia X20 Phone is Affordable with 5G Connectivity

Sadly for Nokia, they weren’t able to make a huge splash in the premium Android market. That might explain the company's recent pivot to producing budget-friendly mobile phones. As an example, the Nokia C and G Series should catch consumer's attention because of their $100 to $200 retail prices.
For an entry into 5G, consider the Nokia X series. In particular, the Nokia X20 should engage plenty of people who hope to upgrade to faster connection speeds and enjoy other nice features without straining their bank accounts.

The Nokia X20: Affordable 5G Connectivity

Besides offering 5G, CNET pointed out some other great features of the Nokia X20:
  • Snapdragon 480 5G processor from Qualcomm
  • Options for 6GB to 8GB of RAM
  • Zeiss Optics rear camera
  • Screen size of 6.67 inches
Nokia doesn't include a charger in the box; however, they do provide customers with a free phone case. They also offer at least three years of free security updates for the phone. Expect to see the X20 retailing for about $415.

Is the Nokia X Series the Only Affordable 5G Phone?

For $415, the Nokia X20 appears to offer a decent value. At the same time, it's not the only 5G phone for budget-minded shoppers. As an example, Samsung just released the A32 5G for less than $300. In addition to 5G, the A32 also offers a large screen size and decent rear cameras.
Still, the X20 appears to offer more RAM and a somewhat better processor. In an era when many brand-name 5G phones have price tags close to $1,000, plenty of phone users will spend a little extra for the promise of better performance.

What to Know When Buying a New 5G Phone?

Even consumers on a budget can find plenty of options for 5G, feature-rich phones. Before buying any new device, phone buyers should consider the way they plan to use it. For example, consumers interested in graphics editing or even mobile gaming will probably choose a different phone than people who just want to use their phone for everyday uses.
Next, phone buyers need to understand the cost of typical phone repairs and even where to get their phone serviced if something goes wrong. Note that the warranties included with phones rarely cover more than manufacturing defects. This means they won't help pay to fix damage caused by water, drops, or bumps. Some extended warranties will cover accidental damage; however, most manufacturers and retail stores will push expensive premium plans with lots of fine print.

Upsie Offers Affordable and Comprehensive Nokia X20 Protection Plans

As an alternative to relying upon limited manufacturer warranties or expensive, upgraded extended warranties, consider an Upsie Nokia X20 subscription warranty. For one thing, Upsie charges less than most major competitors, and customers can purchase an Upsie warranty for new, used, and old phones.
Most of all, Upsie's exceptional customer service includes 24-7 claims filing with live representatives. Choose between local, certified technicians or postage-paid service by priority mail. Even more, Upsie protection plans cover screen cracks, water damage, connection problems and much more. If the phone gets dropped, spilled on, or just stops working, Upsie customers don't need to worry about pages of exclusions.
In addition to Nokia smartphones, Upsie also protects most smartphone brands and other types of electronics and appliances. Take some time figuring out which phone will provide the best value for the money. After that, it's easy to decide to protect the purchase with an Upsie extended warranty.

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