Why an Extended Warranty is Smart for Your Smartphone

No one ever plans for accidents to happen; that’s why they’re called accidents. There’s no way you intend to crack the screen of your brand-new smartphone two months after your purchase, yet many people fall victim to just that scenario. You might accidentally knock it into the sink while you’re washing dishes or sit down too hard on a park bench while it’s in your back pocket. Before you know it, you’re stuck contemplating expensive repairs or even replacing your phone entirely. This is precisely why purchasing an extended warranty is smart for your smartphone.

The Limitations of Manufacturer Warranties

The first thing many people think is, “Oh, I’ll just file a claim under the manufacturer’s warranty.” Unfortunately, the warranty that comes with most cell phones has a lot of limitations. Those restrictions typically mean that a manufacturer’s warranty does not:
  • Cover accidents that crack the screen or damage the phone
  • Protect from liquid spills
  • Cover accidental submersion into a liquid
  • Last longer than one year
A manufacturer’s warranty typically pays for things related to any manufacturing defects affecting your use of the phone. Essentially, they do not cover common issues like cracked screens and water damage. If you’re working on a limited budget, you may not be able to afford to repair your phone or purchase a replacement. That leaves you stuck without a tool you’ve come to rely on for work and navigating daily life. So what can you do?

Understanding Upsie Smartphone Extended Warranties

Upsie extended warranties for smartphones provide coverage for accidents like drops and spills and also extend the coverage provided by the manufacturer warranty. Your coverage starts from the date you purchase your phone and lasts for two years. It’s okay if you’re not sure about buying a warranty at the time you purchase your phone — Upsie gives you 120 days to change your mind and buy extra insurance for your device.

Great Coverage at a Bargain Price

Upsie’s plan prices and deductibles vary depending on the cost of your phone. They are designed to save you money for phone insurance across every price range. Upsie smartphone extended warranty deductibles almost always come in at a lower rate than competitors. That minimizes most of your liability should you have an accident or need a repair.
Having that protection makes a big difference if you took the plunge and bought a high-priced smartphone. You don’t want to end up in a position where you damage it and don’t want to pay for the repairs out of pocket. That means you’re without an important connection to the world. Luckily, all that worry goes by the wayside with an Upsie extended warranty for your cell phone.

What You Gain by Purchasing an Upsie Smartphone Extended Warranty

Upsie smartphone extended warranties offer you comprehensive accidental and extended manufacturer coverage. They provide coverage for the following issues under each smartphone warranty plan.
  • Cracked screens and water damage (accident protection)
  • Coverage for battery failures
  • Problems with your touch screen functions
  • Issues with the mechanics of your cell phone camera
  • The failure of a headphone jack
  • Problems with your smartphone audio
  • Issues connecting to surrounding WiFi
  • Problems getting Bluetooth to work properly
If your phone scored low on ifixit’s smartphone repairability list, an extended warranty is smart.  You should strongly consider an Upsie extended warranty plan.
Filing claims is as easy as making a phone call or contacting Upsie online. While Upsie’s certified repair center offers great professionalism and service, you have the option of choosing to have your device repaired anywhere locally. This even includes the Genius Bar (for iPhone owners), as long as it is approved by the claims center first.
Upsie customers can also make unlimited claims up to the purchase price of the device. We understand that things happen, and we want to make sure you have support when something goes wrong so you can access your warranty paperwork anytime by logging into your Upsie account.

No-Drama Cancellation Policy

If you decide to cancel your Upsie policy within 30 days, and have not filed any approved claims, you will receive a full refund. If you’re past the 30-day period, you will receive a prorated refund on your policy minus a 10 percent cancellation fee.
Still have questions about why an extended warranty is smart for your new smartphone? Send us your questions on Twitter, Facebook, or call Upsie directly at (877) 844-7745.
Updated 3/21/2022

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