What is the Best Smartwatch to Help With Weight Loss?

The best weight-loss advice still appears to say that most people must consistently consume fewer calories and add more physical activity. Thus, losing weight takes discipline and consistent effort.
According to the Mayo Clinic, experts have found dietary changes most effective, but increasing physical activity can make weight loss more sustainable and improve overall health. Sadly, no miracle pill, diet book, or electronic device makes losing weight easy. However, using a smartwatch can help you track your physical activity and stay on track.

Can a Smartwatch Help With Weight Loss?

Some nutrition experts agree that people who want to lose weight should buy a scale and weigh themselves regularly to monitor their progress. Of course, the scale doesn’t help people shed pounds, but it does serve as a helpful tool. For example, regular weigh-ins can provide an incentive to replace fries with broccoli and enjoy a walk after dinner.
Similarly, some smartwatches offer features to help dieters stick to their plans and achieve goals. For instance, some smartwatches provide apps that make tracking calories consumed for meals and snacks easy. They also offer fitness trackers and sensors to help estimate the number of calories burned during exercise, the number of steps taken during a walk, and so on.
WebMD also mentioned that inadequate sleep or increased stress could make it harder to lose weight. These two issues may signal the body to release hormones that encourage fat retention. Many smartwatches also offer sensors and apps that help adjust sleep schedules and deal with stress, which may prove invaluable for dieters.

Good Smartwatch to Aid in Weight Loss

Almost any smartwatch that offers sensors for tracking and can run fitness apps can provide good tools to help in weight loss, weight management, and overall fitness. The best smartwatch for any individual will depend upon the tools they seek, other preferences for a smartwatch, and budget. Look at some good examples of smartwatches that can help with weight loss.

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch ecosystem can run plenty of useful apps to help with nutrition and exercise. Some examples for managing diets include MyFitnessPal, Lose It!, Carb Manager, Zero Fasting Tracker, and FoodVisor Calorie Counter. In addition, apps like Runkeeper GPS Running tracker will help track and supply some extra motivation for runs or walks. Apple Watch also tracks sleep and can run stress-reduction apps.
For more support, an app like Streaks helps people incorporate physical activity into their routine. Some of these apps employ gamification to make sticking to a weight-loss plan more fun. People who already enjoy Apple products will probably find an Apple Watch satisfying.


When most people think of fitness wearables, the Fitbit brand probably comes to mind. According to TechRadar, people who want to improve their fitness might consider the Fitbit Charge 5 or Versa 3. These smartwatches work with Android or iOS and offer onboard GPS for tracking walks or runs.
The affordable Fitbit Charge 5 retails for about $129, making it an economical choice, but it’s more of a fitness tracker. The Versa 3 sells for about $50 more but offers voice controls and the ability to download third-party apps, like an Apple Watch.

How Upsie Protects Your New Smartwatch

Smartwatches combine portability with sophisticated computers and connectivity. They are a great support to an individual’s fitness journey. However, if the watch stops performing, it can mean high repair bills and disrupted weight-loss plans.
Thus, prudent smartwatch owners protect their devices with an Upsie warranty. An Upsie extended warranty for smartwatches covers damage from accidents, wear, and defects. Upsie also includes 24/7 access to claims services and lets customers make unlimited claims up to the purchase price of the device.
Best of all, Upsie offers premium and comprehensive protection that costs up to 70 percent less than warranties from retailers and manufacturers. Customers can purchase an Upsie warranty for smartwatches bought in the last 60 days.

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