The Polar Smartwatch Lineup: Something for Everyone

The Polar brand of smartwatches doesn’t get as much attention as well-known companies as Samsung, Apple, or even Garmin and Fitbit. Still, the Android Authority says that Polar offers a wearable for almost everybody, from professional athletes to people who want to improve their overall fitness. Prudent shoppers should compare a variety of smartwatches to see which brand and model offers them the best balance between price and value.

Smartwatches and Fitness Trackers From Polar

Polar manufactures fitness-focussed smartwatches. Here’s a brief look at the highlights of products in the Polar lineup to see if they offer a good solution.
  • Polar Vantage V2: This flagship watch of the Polar line offers features for runners, cyclers, and even exercise recovery. It covers all the basics, including GPS, water and dust resistance, a decent battery life, and a heart rate sensor. The lightweight, sleek smartwatch also plays music but doesn’t store it. People who want to save money might also consider last year’s flagship model, the Polar Vantage V.
  • Polar Grit X: This watch offers an excellent option for people who plan to spend a lot of time outdoors. It provides a powerful battery that can run for 40 hours using the GPS in standard mode and up to 100 hours with power conservation.
  • Polar Vantage M: For about half the price of the Polar Vantage V2, the Vantage M offers a surprising array of features and a 30-hour battery life. Some examples of features include a heart-rate sensor, water resistance, and an always-on color display.
  • Polar Ignite: The Polar Ignite also sells for less than the Vantage V2 and should satisfy typical sportspeople. The Ignite is the manufacturer’s lightest wearable, weighing just about 1.2 ounces. It offers decent battery life, a heart sensor, GPS, and trackers for over 100 activities. Considering the watch’s size, that’s a lot.

How Does the Polar Smartwatch Lineup Compare to Other Top Brands?

In particular, ZDNet singled out the Polar Grit X Pro as their best choice for outdoor fitness. They liked its durability, premium build, long battery life, always-on outdoor dashboard, and recovery algorithms.
ZDNet also said to compare the Vantage V2 to similar Garmin smartwatches before making a purchase decision. To get started, browse this review of the Garmin Vivoactive 4 fitness watch. In addition, the reviewers mentioned that the Vantage M2 offers an affordable alternative to the Polar Vantage V2 for more casual athletes.

Why Pair a Polar Smartwatch With an Upsie Extended Warranty?

Polar focuses on producing lightweight, durable devices for customers. However, athletes challenge this durability by using their wearables during all sorts of activities.
To protect your smartwatch, pair them with an Upsie Polar smartwatch extended warranty. An Upsie warranty protects smartwatches and prevents bills for unexpected repairs or replacements. In addition, Upsie charges up to 70 percent less than their warranty competitors and gives customers 60 days to purchase a warranty after buying their smartwatch.
Unlike some retail warranties, Upsie covers accidents, premature wear, and manufacturing defects. Upsie also allows unlimited claims up to the watch’s retail value. Plus, customers can choose between ship-it-in and certified local service.
Best of all, Upsie offers a hassle-free, straightforward way to protect a high-quality smartwatch. Besides Polar, Upsie also offers affordable, high-quality warranties for other smartwatch brands and many other kinds of electronic devices.

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