Best E-Reader: Amazon Kindle vs Oasis vs Paperwhite

If you’re a book lover and appreciate ebooks as well as sitting down with a hardbound book, you have some big decisions to make. Amazon is offering a trifecta in e-readers and each one has something that might pique your interest. You might say Amazon has created its own page-turner! If you want to keep up with the plot, keep reading here to find the best e-reader between Amazon’s Kindle, Oasis, or Paperwhite device.

The Amazon e-Reader Phenomenon Continues

No book lover can deny the appeal of getting cozy in your favorite chair and reading an actual book. The aesthetics of books over e-readers alone have challenged the most voracious readers’ sensibilities for a decade now. However, most people don’t limit their reading time to rainy nights by the fireplace. Many people read their favorite book during a long, boring bus commute to and from work each day or take a few minutes in the cafeteria during a lunch break. In those cases and others, it’s far easier to slip a single, slim device into a satchel versus a 500-page New York Times bestseller. You can carry your entire library of books with you anywhere, and everywhere you go, and you never have to worry about leaving one on the train or getting caught in the rain.
It’s easier to protect your device if you get caught in a rainstorm than a delicate book’s pages. And one way you can protect your e-reader is with the option to buy an Upsie tablet extended warranty.
According to Market Watch, the U.S. market size will reach $100.5 million by the end of 2026, so people are coming around to this technology. Perhaps even the most ardent book lovers will find themselves giving in to the ease of technology when they aren’t safe at home but still need something to read or want to finish a new favorite.
Amazon offers readers plenty of options as far as e-readers. If you’re trying to figure out which is the best Amazon e-reader, keep reading to learn more about the Kindle, Oasis, and Paperwhite.


The 2019 Kindle is still going strong, which is no surprise, considering its compact, refined design. It’s also the most affordable member of the Kindle family while featuring an integrated light, handy for reading in low-light situations without disturbing others. The Kindle launches its storage options bumped up to 4GB, giving you more room to keep your favorite books stored in case you need to revisit a beloved classic from time to time. Bluetooth audio makes it easy for you to listen to your favorite audiobooks while working or driving.
Here are some key specs and features for the Kindle:
  • 6-inch Pearl e-paper screen
  • 4GB storage
  • 167ppi resolution
  • Weighs 161g
  • 4 weeks of battery life
  • Built-in front light
Even with the built-in front light, the original Kindle is more of a lightweight in the opinion of many heavy readers. However, it gets the job done at a lower-tiered price of around $89.99.
The main downside reported for this e-reader is that it isn’t waterproof and could use a slightly better reading screen.


Paperwhite lovers have treasured the beautiful 6-inch HD display since this e-reader’s release. Also featuring a built-in light and IPX8-rated waterproofing, and you can see that the Paperwhite picks up where the original Kindle left off. Let’s take a look at some top features and specs:
  • 8GB storage
  • 6-inch HD display with 330ppi pixel density
  • IPX8-rated waterproofing
  • Support for Audible audiobooks
Avid readers appreciate this particular reader because it does such a great job of emulating the reading experience. With this e-reader, you get access to Amazon’s huge library of books and can boost that by using your Kindle Unlimited account streaming service.
With all these features, it makes sense that the price point for this machine is a little higher than the standard Kindle at $129.99.


At the highest price point of $249.99-269.99, it’s clear Amazon has pulled out all the stops for passionate readers. With the Oasis, you’ll enjoy the premium e-reader experience available today, notes TechRadar.
Take a look at some specs Amazon offers at this high-end price to see if the enhancements are worth it:
  • 7-inch Carta E-Ink 330ppi screen
  • 8GB/32GB storage
  • Backlight and touchscreen
  • Battery life up to six weeks
  • 4G Wi-Fi
If the Oasis offers you the respite you need to move from books to e-readers, the price might feel worth it to you. It’s certainly an investment you can enjoy if you want to keep up or catch up on your reading any moment you get the chance.

Which Mobile Reader Is Going Into Your Cart?

The choice comes down to the slightly higher spec-heavy Paperwhite and the luxury Oasis than the basic Kindle for many die-hard reading fans. If you want something to occupy your mind until you return to your library, the Kindle is a great option. You might find that the Paperwhite or Oasis have more of what you need if you’re planning to largely replace books with e-reading materials.
Regardless of which e-reader you choose, Upsie can protect your commitment to reading with an extended warranty that won’t leave you hanging with a cliffhanger.

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