A Brief Introduction to the Second Generation Fire TV Cube

As a product, people would describe the Amazon Fire TV Cube as a video streaming device. However, their latest product does even more than stream video. It combines the features of a smart home assistant and a video streaming device. With this powerful and feature-rich device, Amazon has established itself once again as a leader in this market.
According to TechRadar, the newest Amazon Fire TV Cube sets Amazon ahead of its competition. In fact, TechRadar editors called this product their favorite streaming video device. In particular, the second generation model far surpasses even its predecessor.
A lot of other people agree with this assessment. As a result, Amazon Fire commands over 12 percent of the market. On the other hand, Sony and Samsung rank second and third with 10.9 and 8.2 percent.

How Much Does the Second-Generation Amazon Fire TV Cost?

Almost every retailer charges $119.95 for this device. The previous model cost about $99.
In comparison, the latest Roku Ultra costs $169.95, and an earlier version retails for $79. The newest Apple TV 4K also starts at $169. As with many other electronics, Amazon has competitive prices for their devices.

What Can the Amazon Fire TV Cube Do?

Of course, many budget-friendly shoppers will appreciate an affordable price. However, consumers usually don’t want to sacrifice features and performance for a modest cost difference. Luckily for those interested in this affordable device, Amazon didn’t skimp on the capabilities.
For instance, the Fire TV Cube supports:
  • Amazon video content: Naturally, Amazon focused upon delivering their own content. This includes Amazon Prime and their streaming rental content.
  • Other video content: The device also supports such services as HBO, YouTube, AMC, NFL Football, and more.
  • Music: Enjoy music services, like Amazon Music and Spotify.
  • Games: Users can enjoy some games via the device.
Like other Amazon devices, the Fire TV Cube also offers Amazon’s smart assistant, Alexa. This allows hands-free voice control. In addition, with a compatible smart camera, users can broadcast the images the camera sees to their TV. It also supports 4K Ultra HD and Dolby Vision at refresh rates of up to 60 fps.
In summary, the Amazon Fire TV Cube works with a TV to combine features of a Fire Stick and an Amazon Echo Show. It processes much faster than either, so it’s probably a better choice for a TV than buying either on their own.

How to Protect Amazon Fire Devices

Of course, Amazon wants to satisfy their customers with a device that arrives free from defects. Their limited warranty will repair, refund, or replace defective Amazon Fire TV Cubes for one year. If problems arise for another reason or after this limited warranty expires, Amazon’s customers will need to handle it with their own pocketbooks.
Upsie offers more robust protection plans for Amazon Fire devices on its tablet warranty page. Some advantages of Upsie warranties include:
  • With prices up to 70 percent lower than their competition, Upsie offers affordable two- and three-year insurance plans.
  • These warranties cover connectivity failures, manufacturing defects, and more. They will also cover defects that show up after Amazon’s limited warranty expires.
  • Plus, unlike Amazon, Upsie gives their warranty customers a choice between local and mail service.
  • Upsie customers can take up to 60 days protect their Fire TV Cube, so they don’t need to make a quick decision at Amazon’s checkout screen.
While TV watchers can find plenty of streaming devices, Amazon offers a good choice. That’s particularly true for people who already subscribe to some of Amazon’s content services. No matter which TV streaming device people buy, they should protect it with an Upsie extended warranty.

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