TV Warranty Protection Info & Why Your Wallet Loves It

TV warranty protection plans are a no-brainer for consumers in today’s market. These aren’t add-on plans that try to pump more money out of you with little value in return. They’re protection plans that help ensure you have access to your favorite programming without breaking your wallet with unexpected television repair or replacement expenses.
Many people don’t realize all the ways a television can break or cause unplanned expenses. In turn, people don’t realize just how many ways protection plans can help save money in the long run. Read on to find out more about the economics of TV warranty protection plans and why your wallet loves them.

Today’s Televisions Aren’t as Durable As Models From Decades Ago

One reason to buy a TV warranty protection plan from Upsie is that you’re more likely to use one today than in the past. Televisions are more complex than they used to be, and they’re filled with numerous parts that simply didn’t exist decades ago. From an HDMI port that can go bad to Wi-Fi circuitry that can fry and make it impossible for you to stream your favorite content, more parts make it more likely something will break.
A TV warranty protection plan covers all those parts. This means you can get the TV fixed instead of splurging on a brand new one. For example, if the Wi-Fi components within your television break, you have a couple options. The first is to get it fixed. Second is to buy a separate streaming component to do the job. Streaming devices such as Roku, Amazon Fire or Chromecast cost between $50 to $100 or more and may only last a year or two.
Plus, Wi-Fi is required for your television to get updates to firmware. Without that capability, your TV slowly becomes obsolete and unable to perform to the expectations you might have. That could lead to wanting to replace it before it would be necessary to do so if the Wi-Fi was fixed.

Modern Electronics Are More Susceptible to Lightning Damage

Most manufacturer’s warranties do not cover lightning or surge damage. Check your TV’s manufacturer warranty; if surge damage is not covered, invest in a quality surge protector. Get one with multiple outlets so you can connect all of your equipment, such as audio receivers and Blu-ray players, to it.

HDMI Ports Are More Sensitive to Static and Surges From Connected Components

Your television doesn’t even have to take direct surge damage for something to go wrong. HDMI ports are especially sensitive to static and surges; even a malfunction or peak from another connected component can cause potential issues. And since so many modern components interface entirely via HDMI, that can be a problem. If your television has other ports, you may be able to invest in vintage equipment or adapters to support the functionality you want.

When Your TV Breaks, There’s No Guarantee You’ll Get Another Good Deal

People put a great deal of effort into finding a television at a good price. Black Friday, for example, is known for TV discounts. But, if you scored a great deal on your TV, you might not be able to get that good of a deal again. Finding a similar good deal at the drop of a hat can be impossible. You’ll likely pay much more for the new TV than you would for a warranty protection plan that keeps you from dealing with this problem to begin with.

Service Plans Offer In-Home Repair on Larger Models

Another cost many people don’t consider for television repair is getting the TV to the tech or vice versa. When you’re footing the bill yourself, you will end up dealing with the time and hassle to unhook your television and drive it to a shop, or pay extra for a home repair visit. With an Upsie warranty, in-home service is covered.

Television Parts Become Obsolete, and Service Plans May Cover Replacement

The rapid development in the tech and electronics industry means televisions become obsolete quickly. Unfortunately, that can make parts difficult to locate for a 3-5 year old TV. If something breaks, you may have to replace the entire unit instead of getting it repaired. A good TV warranty protection plan includes replacement if parts are too expensive or unavailable. Upsie ensures you have a TV that works without spending hundreds of dollars on a repair or replacement.
Does a TV warranty replacement plan increase the cost of a new television upfront? Sure. But it lowers the cost of TV ownership overall in a number of ways. It also provides peace of mind that the family entertainment center is always available at the click of a remote (which is also covered!).

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