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Upsie offers the comprehensive protection that your new TV needs.


Protect your Vizio TV from screen burn in, defects, dead pixels and more.

Eligibility limited to Vizio TV purchased on or after 4/26/22

2 Year Warranty
No Deductible
3 Year Warranty
No Deductible
5 Year Warranty
No Deductible

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Why Choose Upsie?

Real protection made really affordable.

Price as of Dec 8, 2020 on a $1999.99 Vizio 65" 4k HDR Smart TV.

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  • Manufacturing Defect
  • Dead Pixel
  • Power Supply
  • Screen Burn-In
  • No Deductible
  • 2 Year Warranty Price
  • 3 Year Warranty Price
  • 5 Year Warranty Price
  • Upsie
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  • $98.99
  • $134.99
  • $269.99
  • Allstate®
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  • $119.99
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  • Best Buy®
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  • $199.99
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  • $379.99

Upsie’s protection includes:


Screen Burn-In

Upsie covers burn-in for all television types and models including LCD, QLED, OLED, and Plasma TVs


Mechanical Failure


Power Failure


Screen Failure


Speaker/Sound Failure


Button Failure


Wifi Failure


Transfer to New Owner

Repair Options :

Unlimited claims up to the purchase price of your Vizio TV.

Local Repair

Work with one of our certified repair shops near you or request to take your Sony TV to your shop of choice.

In-Home repair


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How It Works:

Buy & Activate Your TV & Home Theater Warranty

Skip the stress and cost of buying a warranty with your new TV. You can buy an affordable Upsie warranty for your TV up to 11 months after purchase. Activate your Upsie coverage by uploading a picture or copy of your TV receipt in your account.

Coverage Starts

Upsie's warranty and the manufacturer warranty overlap for the first year, except for Upsie's screen burn-in coverage and power surge protection which start after the 30 day waiting period after purchasing the warranty. When the manufacturer warranty expires, Upsie’s full coverage begins, so your TV is never without protection. (Read more in our FAQ)

Make a Claim

Talk with our US-based claims center 24/7/365 to file your claim. A real person will walk you through the claim and let you know on that call if it is covered. They will also schedule a certified repair technician to come out to your house to repair the TV.


When does the warranty coverage begin?


Upsie‘s TV coverage starts on day one and overlaps with the manufacturer warranty. We will cover repairs or replacements the manufacturer denies that are within our warranty terms during that time. As an additional benefit, Upsie covers shipping costs to and from the manufacturer. When the manufacturer warranty expires, Upsie’s full coverage begins.

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"Straightforward and Simple! Terrific organization! I am happy I decided to give an Upsie warranty a try. They made my claim process simple and straightforward. Appreciate Rose and the great customer service!"

- Thomas M




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