Why Buy an Upsie Extended Warranty for a TV Set?

Good digital TVs cost from several hundred to a few thousand dollars. Despite the expense, these new TVs might still offer great value because many TV sets play streaming content, run apps and games, and communicate with smart home systems.
One of the best ways to protect your home theater system is by pairing it with an extended warranty. With an extended warranty, customers can avoid high repair bills. According to HomeGuide, average TV repairs can cost as much as $350, and for the latest, advanced TVs, they might cost considerably more.
Luckily, Upsie offers generous and affordable extended warranties for TVs. These plans help customers find certified repair technicians and, most of all, eliminate concerns about repair bills.

How Do Upsie TV Extended Warranties Work?

Upsie offers a choice of two-year, three-year, and five-year protection plans. Even more, Upsie customers have up to 11 months to purchase an extended warranty. The customers can find warranties online by specifying the type of TV and providing a digital copy of the purchase receipt.
Here are the basics of how Upsie TV warranties work:
  • Upsie’s broad coverage includes damage because of screen burn-in, power failure, and mechanical or electronic parts problems, including the display and speakers.
  • To make a claim, Upsie customers can call customer service 24-7. And at that time, the representative will help the customer file their claim and schedule service.
  • Upsie will send a certified technician to the home for repairs without charging a deductible.
In some cases, Upsie may decide that repairing the set doesn’t make sense, so they may offer a replacement or reimbursement. If the customer still has protection against defects from the manufacturer’s warranty, Upsie may advise the customer to rely upon that first. But if the manufacturer doesn’t fix the problem, Upsie will take over.

Do Cheaper TVs Save Money?

According to Consumer Reports, saving money by buying the cheapest digital TV won’t always help people enjoy long-term savings or satisfaction with their purchase. For instance, Consumer Reports found that such top brands as Samsung, LG, and Sony performed much better in their durability and quality tests than less well-known manufacturers that typically sell cheaper models. The publication found the difference in quality particularly acute with large-screen TVs, over 60 inches.
Of course, Consumer Reports admitted that results might vary between models, so it’s important to compare specific TVs by checking reviews and ratings before making a purchase decision. For instance, the best brand and model for a large-screen TV for a family room might not be the same as a small TV for the children’s bedroom.

Get Started With an Upsie Extended TV Warranty Today

Upsie offers protection plans directly to customers. As a result, Upsie provides high-quality service and coverage at lower prices than their competitors. In fact, Upsie’s warranties cost up to 70 percent less than warranties sold elsewhere. Customers can get the best protection at the best price when they choose Upsie.
Take time to shop for the perfect TV. After that, add an affordable, premium Upsie warranty to save money and protect your TV from damage.

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