Where to Find PS5 Restock Updates and Purchase a Console

First launched back in November 2020, Sony’s fifth-generation PlayStation has been a massive hit with gamers worldwide. However, huge demand and limited numbers meant that getting your hands on a PS5 has been difficult from the outset.
Availability then promptly took a further hit thanks to a global shortage of all-important semiconductors. Several months on, the ongoing computer chip shortage continues to affect PlayStation 5 production.
Right now, Sony’s latest $500 PlayStation is out of stock across the board. However, Sony is still producing PS5s, albeit in reduced numbers. So, the main obstacle is simply getting hold of one.
Incredibly, every one of the 10 million units produced has sold instantly upon hitting the market. That said, the best way to snag a PS5 for yourself is by staying on top of restock updates.

PlayStation 5 Restock Updates

Various channels exist for PlayStation 5 restock updates. However, everyone watches the same sources. As a result, units disappear as soon are they’re available. In the end, the majority of consumers are left disappointed. Thankfully, some channels yield better results than others.
Here are three of the top means of staying in the loop surrounding PlayStation 5 availability.

PlayStation Direct

Sony says it’s committed to helping customers get their hands on PS5s as soon as they become available. To better service customers, Sony tackles issues with scalpers. One way to avoid scalpers is by focusing on restock updates from PlayStation Direct.
As one might expect, PlayStation Direct boasts bigger, more frequent restocks than any other outlet. To have a chance of buying, Sony advised customers to keep a close eye on the website. Once new inventory is made available, consoles are then sold on a first-come, first-served basis. This is supported by a system where people must queue for a chance to buy a PS5.
PS Plus subscribers who have previously queued but were unsuccessful in securing a console for themselves may be invited to receive priority access emails directly from Sony. Active PS Plus subscribers must also have opted to receive Sony’s marketing emails.
Even then, there’s no guarantee. But with any luck, it’s among the best ways of getting hold of a PlayStation 5 straight from the manufacturer with relatively little fuss.

Social Media

Perhaps unsurprisingly, social media remains among the leading means of successfully staying up to date on PS5 restock news. That said, potential success here hinges entirely on which accounts users follow for information. Sites like Facebook and Twitter are also rife with scalpers and scammers, so it’s important to be vigilant.
One of social media’s best sources for updates is from the Twitter account of TechRadar’s lead U.S. editor, Matt Swider. Tracking live updates from retailers across the U.S., over 77,000 people have now reportedly secured a PS5 thanks to Swider’s help. For a chance at doing the same, simply follow @mattswider, turn on notifications, and wait for alerts highlighting when a store has consoles in stock.
It’ll then be a rush to the checkout as the account currently has over 850,000 followers. Still, it’s a proven method of staying on top of up-to-the-minute PS5 restock news. As it stands, following Swider gives a reasonable chance of snagging a console. The account watches updates from Best Buy, GameStop, Walmart, and Target.

Sign up With Less-Talked-About Retailers

While PlayStation Direct and proven sources of updates on social media represent the best chances of securing a PlayStation 5, there are other ways of going about the process. Best Buy, GameStop, Walmart, and Target, as well as PlayStation Direct and Amazon, all continue to receive limited but widely publicized stocks of PS5s. Of course, customers quickly purchase these.
For example, a recent restock of 1,200 PS5 consoles at GameStop sold out almost instantly after TechRadar’s lead U.S. editor tweeted about them. But by personally staying vigilant of inventory arriving at other less-talked-about retailers, it’s possible to get a head-start on any rush to buy.
Retailers including Costco, B&H Photo, antonline, Newegg, Adorama, and Sam’s Club have all previously had PS5s and PS5 bundles in stock. With further stock likely allocated to them as a result, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on these and other similar retailers.
Create an account for each site or sign up for their email newsletters. Signing up will give you the best chance of hearing about new PlayStation 5 stocks as they arrive.

PlayStation 5 Restock Updates Next Steps

Once you purchase a PS5, it’s vital to secure a comprehensive extended warranty to protect the coveted console from any mishaps or other unforeseen eventualities. However, it’s important for customers to know that they can turn down extended warranties offered at checkout.
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