11 New and Upcoming Quest 2 Games

New Oculus Quest 2 games may not come as thick and fast as those for the Nintendo Switch and other consoles. Still, there are also new Quest 2 games on the horizon. Furthermore, various newly released titles are ready and waiting for gamers to try for the first time. This includes Vox Machinae, Tale of the Onogoro, Green Hell, and Cities: VR.
Unveiled at the beginning of March, Vox Machinae has quickly earned an impressive following. In the game, players find themselves in the immersive cockpit of a gigantic fighting machine as they travel to faraway planets to do battle.
Also similarly well-received has been Tale of the Onogoro. Having arrived in mid-March, it’s the work of the same team behind 2019’s Last Labyrinth. In the new title, Quest 2 owners join forces with a Japanese high priestess to tackle mythical monsters in an action-packed, puzzle-based adventure.
Elsewhere, Green Hell, released April 7, sees players fight to survive in a deadly tropical jungle. Cities: VR, meanwhile, arrived on April 28 and is a spin-off of Cities: Skylines. It promises a richly detailed VR-based city-building experience.
Plenty more all-new Oculus Quest 2 games are coming soon, too, starting with The Last Clockwinder.

The Last Clockwinder (Summer 2022)

The Last Clockwinder sees Quest 2 owners sent on a mission to repair an old-fashioned clock tower built into an ancient tree set in a cozy fantasy world. The game relies on a combination of puzzle-solving and automation. With that, players will create intricate clockwork contraptions to restore life to the ancient tree and its timepiece.

Mothergunship: Forge (Summer 2022)

Mothergunship: Forge looks set to deliver action aplenty when it arrives this summer. It is the follow-up to the original Mothergunship title. The all-new Quest 2 release will allow players to unleash their inner mad scientists. In this role, you forge an arsenal of supremely powerful weapons. Then you move on to fighting the game’s monstrous alien enemy in glorious VR.

NFL Pro Era (Fall 2022)

Premiered during the second annual Meta Quest Gaming Showcase, football fans have something to look forward to this fall in the shape of NFL Pro Era. The title promises to be the most authentic VR experience of its kind to date. Powered by actual NFL data, the experience is due to include everything from the pre-game locker room to the opportunity to win the Super Bowl.

RuinsMagus (Late 2022)

Coming later this year, RuinsMagus is set deep in an underground labyrinth. Promising an action-packed and narrative-driven RPG experience, players will hunt for a plethora of powerful and precious artifacts. Taking up the role of novice wizard Magus, Quest 2 owners will see themselves tested as they unravel the secrets of the past to become the title’s spell-wielding hero.

Among Us VR (Late 2022)

One of 2022’s most eagerly anticipated Quest 2 releases, Among Us VR will release before the end of the year. Maintaining all of what made the original party game such a hit, players will collaborate to get their spaceship into working order. That’s unless, of course, those secretly tasked with sabotaging the rest of the crew’s efforts succeed.

Espire 2 (Late 2022)

Also not to be missed is the sequel to Espire 1: VR Operative – this year’s Espire 2. Promising more of its predecessor’s stealth-focused gameplay, players will again find themselves plunged into the series’ murky world of international espionage. Espire 2 will release on Quest 2 before the end of 2022.

Ghostbusters VR (Coming Soon)

And last but by no means least, Ghostbusters VR. Although they haven’t announced a release date, Ghostbusters VR is coming soon to Oculus’s Quest 2 in spectacular fashion. Published by Sony Pictures Virtual Reality, the game will revolve around tracking, blasting, and trapping ghosts as players work to unravel an unearthly mystery that threatens the world.

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