Choose the Best Warranty for Your Video Game Console

Today’s video game consoles are costlier and more in-demand than ever. Unfortunately, they’re also increasingly expensive to fix if something goes wrong, especially with essential parts in extremely short supply. Accordingly, extended warranties are a must-have.
An extended video game console warranty is a great way to safeguard against such eventualities. Here are five things to look for when seeking the very best.

Five Extended Video Game Console Warranty Must-Haves

Shopping for extended warranties can be a headache. Yet, that needn’t be the case. One of the best ways to select a warranty is by ensuring that any policy has a number of must-haves in place. Simply check off the list below while browsing, and, with all accounted for, there should be little need to worry moving forward.

Must-Have #1: Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive coverage should, of course, be a given with any extended warranty. However, when it comes to video game consoles, it’s important to understand what the warranty should cover. Generally speaking, look for protection that explicitly includes:
  • Power failures
  • Mechanical faults
  • Manufacturing defects
  • Hard drive malfunctions
  • Internal cord replacements
  • Complications with internal moving parts
  • Issues with sound volume and quality
  • Sound control and microphone faults
  • Flash memory breakdowns
  • Wi-Fi and network connectivity issues
  • Clicking, crashing, loading, and boot problems
That’s in addition to individual console-specific faults like the Sony PlayStation’s infamous so-called blue line of death. Other examples are the dead pixels notoriously common with the Oculus Quest 2 and various recurring controller faults with Nintendo’s ever-popular Switch.

Must-Have #2: Generous Claim Provisions

An extended warranty is worth nothing if its claim provisions aren’t suitably generous. As a result, always look for things like unlimited claims up to a game console’s purchase price. Also, check for eligibility stipulations and only consider warranty providers that emphasize customer service. A good indicator, for instance, is a U.S.-based, 24/7 claims department.

Must-Have #3: Accidental Damage Protection

Game consoles are at an inherent risk of accidental damage like drops and liquid spills. Accordingly, coverage in the event of such mishaps is crucial. Unfortunately, not all extended warranty providers offer this additional degree of protection. GameStop and Target, for example, don’t. As such, it’s vital to shop around for a provider that does.

Must-Have #4: Local Repairs

If the worst happens and a game console goes faulty or becomes damaged, waiting for any necessary repairs can be a nightmare. Yet, where local repairs are included, the repair shop can often return the broken device in just a day or two. So, be sure to look exclusively for extended video game console warranties that include local repairs options.

Must-Have #5: Separate Controller Coverage

Game console controllers are particularly prone to faults and damage. While one or two controllers may be covered by default with an extended game console warranty, it’s imperative to protect any further devices. The best warranty providers recognize this and offer separate game console controller warranties.
It’s an equally important consideration in light of the ever-growing cost of game console controllers today. For example, DualSense wireless controllers for Sony’s PS5 now cost upwards of $69.99 each. In addition, Microsoft’s officially licensed Star Wars Xbox controller costs just a penny under $180. Xbox owners can even shell out up to $500 on the manufacturer’s Boeing-inspired aviation controller.

Get All of This and More With Upsie

With an extended video gaming warranty from Upsie, console owners get all of the above benefits and more. Further perks include free transfers and policies for both new and used game consoles and controllers.
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All of this has seen Upsie achieve a coveted ‘Excellent’ rating on the global consumer review website, Trustpilot. That’s based on hundreds of ratings from customer feedback and more in-depth testimonials. These customers praise Upsie’s low prices, excellent customer service, rapid warranty activation process, overall ease of use, and more.
For further information, head to Alternatively, download the Upsie app to lock in the peace of mind of an extended video game console or controller warranty in as little as five minutes.

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