Controller Versus Mouse and Keyboard for PC Games

Ever since Gravis introduced the first PC-compatible controller in 1991, an important debate has raged over the best way to operate PC games. This discussion centers around the merits of using a controller versus a mouse and keyboard to play.
The tools used to control games can impact the overall experience drastically. Yet, surprisingly, in the last 30 years, nobody has provided a definitive answer to the controller versus keyboard and mouse debate.
This article questions whether PC gamers should play with a controller or mouse and keyboard. That said, here’s everything you need to know about the debate.

Keyboard and Mouse Vs. Controllers for Gaming

Will a keyboard and mouse or a controller offer a better gaming experience on PCs? First, consider some benefits of each tool involved in the discussion:
  • Keyboard: Almost everybody who uses a computer enjoys plenty of familiarity with standard keyboards. Also, a typical keyboard comes with over 100 keys that can provide many different input options. Some games let gamers define macros for more advanced functionality.
  • Mouse: For this conversation, consider the merits of a mouse or a trackpad together as one thing. A good mouse can process very subtle movements. That can make it much easier to aim or move very precisely.
  • Controller: According to Intel, modern controllers may come with a variety of features. Some examples include buttons, triggers, and touchpads.
Will gamers feel more satisfied with a mouse and keyboard or a controller? Typically, the mouse and keyboard offer the most control. But, at the same time, controllers can feel more comfortable for long gaming sessions. In particular, controllers with features that correspond to specific types of games may also offer a very immersive experience.
Neither method of controlling games works best for every game or every gamer. On the other hand, nobody has to make a once-in-a-lifetime choice. Gaming PCs will come with a keyboard and mouse or trackpad. The purchase of a controller lets gamers switch between control methods as much as they please.

Do Gaming Controllers Need Warranty Protection?

A replica of the old Gravis PC Gamepad only costs about $45. At the same time, some of the latest and greatest controllers cost over $300. Anybody who plans to invest a few hundred dollars on a gaming controller likely plans to use it regularly for years. The best way to protect your gaming controller is by purchasing a warranty.
An extended warranty for a gaming controller from Upsie offers these main benefits:
  • Upsie sells directly to customers, which keeps prices up to 70 percent lower than other name-brand warranty companies.
  • Upsie clearly and transparently spells out coverage details and prices before purchase.
  • Live representatives answer the phone 24-7 to handle claims.
  • Consumers have 60 days after buying their device to purchase an Upsie warranty.
To begin, simply visit the Upsie gaming warranty page. Choose between two-year or three-year plans that protect your controller from manufacturing defects, drops and spills. After purchasing your warranty plan, enjoy gaming. If something goes wrong, contact a claims representative to select a local or mail-in service center. Best of all, never worry about hidden fees.
Disagreements over the merits of a keyboard and mouse versus a controller might last forever. But, on the other hand, Upsie offers a clear choice for extended warranties. Besides gaming controllers, Upsie also covers gaming PCs, gaming consoles, and many other kinds of electronics and accessories.

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