Guide to Extended Warranties for Used Gaming Consoles

Gaming consoles are like gold for the millions of gamers in the United States. But breaking a console or controller can ruin your gaming sesh. In order to not let your squad or wallet down, an extended warranty is recommended. We outlined everything you need to know about warranties for used or refurbished gaming consoles.

Can I Get Extended Warranty Coverage for a Used Console?

Yes! Upsie offers extended warranty coverage for used or refurbished consoles purchased within the last 60-days. All devices must come with at least a 30-day seller or manufacturer warranty to ensure that they are in good shape at the time of sale. Are you also purchasing a used controller? Upsie can protect that, too.

How Much Do Console Repairs Usually Cost?

The repair cost for consoles depends on the type and where you take it. For example, Microsoft charges a flat fee of $115 to repair an Xbox One. Sony, on the other hand, typically charges $150 to repair a PS4.

Is it Worth the Extra Cost to Protect My Xbox, Playstation, or Switch?

Whether you purchase a new or used gaming console, the extra cost of buying a warranty is worth it. For example, take a new PS4 priced at $299; a two-year warranty costs $34.99 and a three-year warranty costs $49.99. That’s a savings of over $90 and over $80, respectively, if your PS4 needs to be repaired one time. If the PS4 is used and purchased for $199, a two-year warranty costs $46.99 and a three-year warranty costs $61.99. In this case, it’s a savings of over $80 and over $65. Whatever way you look at it, the extra cost for an Upsie console extended warranty is absolutely worth it.

What is Covered Under Upsie’s Video Game Console Extended Warranty Plans?

Upsie’s plans extend the console manufacturer warranty and add on accidental protection. Coverage includes:
  • Drops
  • Liquid damage
  • Mechanical failure
  • Speaker/sound failure
  • Power failure
  • Hard drive failure
  • Wifi failure
It’s important to note that accidental damage only applies to accidents. If you get upset and throw your controller, that is not covered.

Is My Device Insured Against Accidents?

Yes! The most common accidents are drops, like bumping your controller off the table, and spills, like knocking your drink onto your console.

Are My Accessories Also Covered?

Upsie covers the console and the controller that comes with it. So, if you purchase additional controllers, you must to purchase a warranty for each one if you want them protected. Unfortunately, Upsie does not cover cords.

How Long Do I Have to Purchase an Extended Warranty for my Console?

A console is a big purchase, and you may not have the additional funds to insure it right away. Luckily, Upsie gives you 60 days after the purchase date to get an Upsie warranty. If you decide to wait, make sure to keep your receipt handy because it is required to activate your coverage.

What is the Claims Process Like?

Insurance claims can be a hassle, unless you have Upsie. The Upsie representatives will take your claims calls 24/7/365. They strive to make your calls as short and painless as possible. After your claim is approved, they will collect your $25 deductible and set up a repair appointment for you.

What if My Console Can’t Be Repaired?

Upsie will replace your console if a repair is not financially feasible or even possible.  However, if a claim has already been made on the plan, Upsie will issue you a check for the remaining plan value. This is determined by subtracting the first repair cost from the console purchase price.

Who Can I Talk to if I Have More Questions?

If you have additional used or refurbished gaming console warranty questions, contact Upsie! You can send them a message on Facebook, Twitter and through their website. You can also give them a call 9:00AM-4:00PM CST at 1-877-844-7745.

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