How to Keep a PS5 Gaming Console Clean and Hygienic

Sadly, many people can’t get their hands on popular gaming consoles like the PS5. Manufacturers still struggle with chip shortages, so they can’t always keep up with demand. Sony even admitted that third-party scalpers presented a big problem because they will buy and hoard these popular gaming consoles to resell for more than Sony’s suggested price.
According to TechRadar, Sony’s distributing more PS5s in 2022 than last year, so hopefully, the shortages will ease soon. However, Sony said that the company still expects demand to exceed supply through this year. Anybody lucky enough to snag a PS5 will undoubtedly want to do everything they can to maintain it because buying another one could prove expensive and difficult. Regular cleaning offers an easy way for PS5 owners to maintain their valuable consoles.

How to Keep a PS5 Clean

TechRadar warned PS5 owners to keep the device as free from dust and contamination as possible to avoid potential overheating problems. For most gamers, maintaining the console means keeping it relatively clean. Overheating can lead to permanent hardware failures that will require professional repairs. Thus, gamers should set aside a few minutes to clean the console’s case at least every couple of months.
Luckily, cleaning a PS5 only requires ordinary supplies and a few minutes. Start with a lint-free cloth and, if possible, a can of compressed air. Start with these basic cleaning steps:
  • Before cleaning, always turn off and disconnect the console from any cables or outlets.
  • Remove the faceplates, which won’t require any special tools.
  • Use the can of compressed air to remove any visible dust deposits. A low-powered vacuum also works.
  • If moving air can’t remove dust, clean gently with a cloth. If necessary, use a small drop of isopropyl alcohol.
  • Once the console appears clean, reattach the faceplates and return the setup to its original position.

How Often Should PS5 Owners Clean Their Consoles?

Nobody can say how often each individual PS5 owner should clean their gaming console. Environmental factors, like shedding pets or smoking, may prompt some users to clean their devices more frequently.
If the fan starts to make noise, that’s generally a sure sign that it’s time to remove the faceplates and decontaminate the console. In particular, wipe the faceplates to remove visible dust and debris, even if it’s ahead of time for the regular cleaning schedule.

How to Keep a PS5 Protected Against High Repair Bills

Sony doesn’t expect its production to keep up with global demand through the rest of this year. Thus, anybody who bought one will want to make sure they can keep the device in good repair. Regular cleaning can help, but nothing can provide a guarantee that the device won’t suffer damage because of an accident, wear, or even a subtle defect that the factory missed.
Still, PS5 buyers can protect against unexpected repair bills by pairing their console with an Upsie warranty. Upsie offers affordable, premium PS5 extended warranties that cost up to 70 percent less than their retail competitors. Upsie offers:
  • 24-7 claims by phone and a choice of two-year and three-year protection plans
  • Local and mail-in repairs from certified PS5 technicians
  • Up to 60 days after buying the console to purchase the PS5 warranty
An affordable Upsie warranty offers customers prompt, reliable service and freedom from hassles. Upsie’s broad protection includes accidents, power shorts, connectivity problems, and more. If Upsie determines their technicians can’t feasibly repair the damage, the company will offer to replace it on the first claim. Besides PS5 gaming consoles, Upsie also provides extended warranties for other brands and electronics or appliances.

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