What to Know About the Upcoming Playstation VR2 Headset

Playstation launched its first virtual reality headset in 2016. According to TechRadar, Playstation’s parent company, Sony, has recently announced a new generation of VR headsets, Playstation VR2. The company has also named the new VR controller the Playstation VR2 Sense Controller.
Playstation planned to release this long-awaited upgrade by the end of the year, though they admitted that supply chain issues might delay its debut until 2023.

What to Expect From PlayStation VR2

Sony has just made an initial announcement about the PlayStation VR2, so reviewers still need to rely on comparisons with the original VR headset to fill in some gaps about the details. Unlike other brands that work with PCs or serve as standalone devices, Playstation VR requires a PS4 or PS5 for virtually every activity. With some fiddling, users can connect the original headset to other devices for limited uses, like watching streaming content. VRHeads offers instructions to connect a Playstation VR to various devices, like PCs and Xbox.
It’s fun to watch movies in a simulated environment that mimics the sensation of sitting in a movie theater with a big screen. Still, most people who don’t own a Playstation will probably benefit from a brand that offers more functionality with their non-Playstation electronics. The new headset will also probably mainly focus on Playstation gaming consoles.
Primarily, Playstation promises that the VR2 will offer a much more immersive, sensory experience to enhance the sensation of being inside the virtual worlds of games and other apps. For instance, the new controllers will provide more haptic feedback. Expect faster refresh rates, higher resolution, and better tracking than the original. The new headset will even include eye-tracking cameras to simulate a user’s point of view better.
The Playstation headset generally earns praise for its comfort, making a big difference when wearing a bulky headset for extended play or watching movies. Sony also promised to make the Playstation VR2 even more comfortable than the original.

How Much Will the Playstation VR2 Cost?

With Playstation’s VR headsets, people who already own a Playstation console won’t need to invest in other expensive devices to enjoy virtual reality. Still, the new technology will probably cost considerably more than the old one, especially at first.
The original VR bundle debuted for $499. At the same time, a premium HTC Vive Pro costs $800. Industry watchers expect Sony to set an initial selling price for the VR2 somewhere between these two prices. Expect the company to announce prices somewhat closer to its release date.

How to Protect Sony Playstation VR Headsets

Even though some folks might refer to virtual reality headsets as accessories, they’re advanced devices in their own right. These new headsets come with cameras, high-resolution graphics, new processors, and the latest technological innovations. This tech makes VR headsets fun to use and vulnerable to common sources of damage that plague other devices, especially those used when VR players stand up and move around to interact with games and apps.
An Upsie extended warranty for VR headsets will protect users against unexpected repair bills, and it will also ensure prompt access to qualified service people. In addition, Upsie offers 24-7 live claims service and local and mail-in repair options. With Upsie, customers gain coverage for damage from accidents, premature wear, and defects. Best of all, Upsie’s warranties cost up to 70 percent less than warranties sold elsewhere.
Customers can also purchase an Upsie warranty for Oculus, Hive, gaming consoles, PCs, and more.

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