Xbox 20th Anniversary Celebration Recap

Microsoft announced the 20th anniversary of the Xbox gaming console and celebrated games that started it all, including Halo, Dead or Alive, and Project Gotham Racing. The 20th-anniversary celebration brought nostalgia to Xbox fans while also showing off the latest advancements.

A Brief History of Xbox and Microsoft

According to Xbox, this classic product began as a side project for a few employees who enjoyed gaming. Xbox might not make up as large a share of the business for Microsoft as Windows software, and Verge reported on a Microsoft admission that they sell the hardware for a loss.
For example, one report from 2016 estimated a cost for materials of about $324 for a gaming console that sold for $399. The cost of materials does not account for engineering, labor, packaging, and other costs associated with the product.
So if Microsoft sells gaming consoles without profit, how do they prosper? The company makes up for lost profits with subscription and software sales.

Highlights of the Xbox 20th Anniversary Celebration

Xbox announced a documentary on their 20-year journey called “Power On: The Story of Xbox.” The development team will tell the story of their accomplishments and challenges and even talk about the infamous Red Ring of Death. Look for it on December 12 on various streaming services, including YouTube, Roku, and more.
Since games sit at the heart of Xbox’s profits and success, no one should feel surprised to see that Microsoft will also take this opportunity to release game updates.
In addition, many long-time Xbox players will appreciate backward compatibility that lets them take advantage of dozens of classic games. The company will also release Halo Infinite Multiplayer, Age of Empires IV, and Forza Horizon 5.
Finally, Xbox plans multiple promotions to allow its fans to win prizes and enjoy some new experiences. These include:
  • Immersive Xbox experience: Together with Dwayne Johnson and “Red Notice,” Xbox will release an immersive experience called The Red Vault. This will give participants a chance to win one of 1,000 prizes.
  • Game room makeover: Xbox will give away a game room makeover with a display of two decades’ worth of Xbox history to Fanfest subscribers.
On November 30, Xbox will also hold a 24-hour gaming live stream to help entertain fans and raise money for a Children’s Miracle Network project called Extra Life. Besides games, celebrities, and Xbox personalities, this event also gives viewers a chance to win prizes.
Other ways to celebrate 20 years of the Xbox include special merchandise, from hoodies to holiday ornaments. The brand will also host a live tournament on Twitch starting December 11. Registration for this event began on November 15.

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