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5 Things to Know Before Buying the Samsung Galaxy S9

March 7, 2018

The Samsung Galaxy S9 has finally arrived! Here are the top five things to know about it:

#1: Dual Aperture Lens

Some are saying that the S9 has the best camera on the market. This is because the rear camera has two aperture lenses that will switch automatically based on lighting. When it’s very dark, the F1.5 aperture lens allows more light in, so pictures come out brighter. Alternately, when it’s very light out, the F2.4 aperture allows less light in, so pictures are not too bright.

#2: Super Slo-Mo

Another very cool camera addition is the super slow-mo feature that can record 960 frames per second. This feature supports HD resolution and allows you to capture 20 shots per video with six seconds per each shot playback. Better yet, you can easily turn the slow-mo clip into GIFs to send to your friends. Learn more about the camera features here.

#3: Augmented Reality Emojis

A third new feature is Augmented Reality Emojis. Creating one is as simple as taking a selfie! You can customize it even further with varying options for hair, clothing and accessories. Your Emoji will automatically be inserted into 18 different stickers that you can use as you please. You can also record videos of your emoji talking, dancing, etc.

#4: Surround Sound Stereo Speakers

Last year, Samsung acquired Harman International Industries. The results of the acquisition is being seen in the improved S9 speaker. Samsung boasts surround sound speakers with a “theater-like audio experience.” They are tuned with AKG to create a sound that’s 1.4 times more powerful that previous Galaxy phones.

#5: No Price Hike

The Galaxy S9 is priced at $719.99 and the S9+ at $839.99, just like its S8 predecessors. This means that you can purchase an Upsie warranty for either phone for only $79.99! That’s 70% less than some retailers. So do yourself a favor, say no to a warranty at checkout and get Upsie for your new S9 here.

The S9 is available to purchase now!

Price by carrier:
– Verizon – $799.99
– AT&T – $789.99
– Sprint – $792.99
– T-Mobile – $720.00

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