Should You Buy a Refurbished or Used Phone?

A refurbished or used phone is a smart investment. People will often trade in their new phone after 6 months or a year to upgrade to a newer model. You can then snag their lightly used phone for a great price. Like any older device, there are risks of them breaking down or malfunctioning more quickly than a brand-new device. Luckily, you can purchase an extended warranty to make sure it’s working properly for years.

Are a refurbished phone and used phone the same thing?

Almost. A refurbished phone is a used phone that is sold through a manufacturer and has been restored to like-new condition. For example, Apple and Samsung both sell certified refurbished phones. A used phone doesn’t necessarily mean that it is refurbished. Someone could sell their used phone through eBay that has had no maintenance work done on it. However, purchasing a used device this way might work out great. Just make sure that it comes with a seller's warranty in case it does malfunction within the first 30 days.

What are the pros of getting a used phone?

A used phone will often function as smoothly as a brand-new one but for a fraction of the cost. If you will never use the fancy video functions or don’t care about the super zoom lens on some of the newer smartphone models, why pay for them? A newer used phone will give you all the upgrades that you need. Purchasing a used phone is also very environmentally friendly. It helps reduce the number of devices in landfills and minimizes your carbon footprint. Lastly, you can still get Upsie’s fantastic warranty protection on a used device.

Can a refurbished smartphone be insured?

Yes, it can be! Upsie offers subscription warranties for refurbished phones. The phones must be in good working condition.

Can a used smartphone be insured?

Yes, it can be most of the time. For a phone to qualify for an Upsie warranty, it must be in good working condition.

Best place to buy a refurbished phone

There are many places to buy refurbished and used phones. Here are some that have good ratings:

Common issues with a used or refurbished phone

Like any electronic device, phones tend to experience issues as they age. The battery might fail or the camera might stop focusing so all your pictures are a little blurry. Even if you get a certified refurbished phone, you don’t know what the phone went through with its first owner. An Upsie warranty will give you peace of mind that your phone will be in working order for up to five more years.

Should I get insurance on a used or refurbished cell phone?

It is always a good idea to get a warranty on a device, but it’s especially smart to get one on a refurbished phone. There are already enough common issues with phones, let alone older phones. Plus, Upsie offers accidental damage protection. This means that they cover everyday accidents like drops and spills. Most other used device warranty plans don’t offer that caliber of warranty protection.

Can I get smartphone insurance after 30 days?

Absolutely. Upsie allows you to get warranty protection for any smartphone, regardless of when you bought it. You don't even need to have the receipt. Activation on Upsie is easy. That way, making a claim is very quick and stress-free.

What if my phone can't be repaired?

Upsie will do everything possible to repair your phone. However, if your phone cannot be repaired, or if the cost of repair is not feasible, Upsie will replace your device.
If you decide that a refurbished or used phone is right for you, make sure to protect it with a warranty. Upsie warranties will protect your new-to-you phone for two years from manufacturer defects and accidents like drops and spills. If you want to learn more about Upsie, contact them on their website or on their Facebook or Twitter pages.

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