5 of the Best Powered Subwoofers Available For Your Ride

There’s nothing like driving down the road with the windows down and the music blaring. That feeling of the bass bouncing around inside your body cannot be recreated anywhere else — and that sensation is exactly what a powerful subwoofer can deliver.
Outfit your car with the best subwoofer and you’ll enjoy pulse-pounding bass the next time you’re cruising down the road. A variety of excellent options are currently available, but you’ll be especially appreciative of these top models:

KICKER Hideaway 8″

One of the most popular, easy-to-find subwoofers currently available is the KICKER Hideaway. It is an ideal solution for those who desire (as the name suggests) a little extra kick in the bass department.
The KICKER Hideaway is powered by a 150-watt amplifier. The “Hideaway” portion of the name is relevant in that this device can be tucked under most front seats or easily stashed in the trunk. It’s also compatible with not only aftermarket stereos but also factory car audio systems, provided you use KICKER adapters.
The KICKER Hideaway 8″ specs include:
  • Bass boost feature
  • Range filtering that helps save power
  • Wired remote control for easy adjustment
  • Only $299

Infinity BassLink Mini

Compact subwoofers have increased in popularity over the years, arguably because companies have been able to pack enormous amounts of power into small spaces. Infinity is a rising star in this market, with the BassLink Mini finding a loyal following among bass lovers with not much room to spare.
This 6×8, 100-watt subwoofer features a shallow profile that is perfect for placing under the driver or passenger seat. Variable bass boost, low-pass crossover, and phase switching are all offered, but unfortunately, there is something missing: you’ll need to purchase a 10-gauge amp wiring kit to get this hooked up in your car. It’s the only sore spot in an otherwise solid package — especially given the subwoofer’s reasonable $229.95 price tag.

JBL BassPro Go

Portability is a huge factor for most people who are up for the JBL BassPro Go. This unique device functions as a typical powered subwoofer. But it can also be quickly disconnected and serve as a Bluetooth boombox.
The 100-watt amplifier provides more than enough power while you’re in the car. Once it’s out in the elements, IPx5 water resistance means you can keep it near the pool or at the beach without worrying about a little water ruining your good time.
All this versatility comes at a price, unfortunately, as the JBL BassPro Go retails for $549. Could you buy a separate in-car subwoofer and Bluetooth speaker and spend less? Certainly. It’s up to you to decide if the added convenience and versatility of the BassPro Go is worth the added price.

Rockford Fosgate Punch P300-10

A trusted name in the world of car audio for decades, Rockford Fosgate’s subwoofers have always packed a mean punch. The P300-10 subwoofer will rattle windows and shake seats, thanks to the included 300-watt amplifier. This provides more than enough power for any use case.
The ten-inch design is built to last but also features easy-to-remove hookups. As such, you can swap it in and out of your trunk at a moment’s notice and without too much effort.
Everything about the Punch is solid, from the build quality to the sound to the price. At $299, it’s positioned perfectly for audiophiles with a little bit of money to spend.

Sound Ordnance B-8PTD

Big things can come in small packages, as the Sound Ordnance B-8PTD proves with its sturdy bass and slight design. This eight-inch subwoofer is powered by a modest 125-watt amp. Despite the underwhelming specs, this device can crank out some impressive bass.
Featuring all the options you might expect from bigger, more powerful boxes, the B-8PTD is a fantastic choice for budget-conscious consumers who don’t desire anything too fancy. At $169.99, it’s an attractive all-around package.
No matter which subwoofer you choose for your vehicle, you’ll be happier with your investment if you know that it’s protected by a speaker and subwoofer extended warranty. Better yet: an affordable warranty that cuts out the middleman without compromising on coverage.
Should your subwoofer suffer damage, you can rest assured knowing that a fix won’t set you back. Upsie provides a range of repair options, so you’re free to get your subwoofer fixed at a local shop if you so choose, or replaced if repair is not an option. Regardless of your personal preferences, you’ll be glad to be spared the full cost of replacement.

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