How Upsie Warranties for Electronics Work

In 2015, Upsie was created because the electronics warranty industry was, well, crummy. Clarence Bethea, the Founder and CEO of Upsie, saw how overpriced warranties were. With some more digging, he also discovered how difficult warranties were to use and decided that he needed to change that. Enter Upsie warranties; the new, better and more affordable way to protect your electronics.

Why should I use Upsie?

Do you like saving money? When your phone, tablet or laptop breaks, do you want it repaired quickly? Do you hate holding onto receipts? Well, if you answered yes to any of those questions, you should use Upsie. See, Upsie was literally created to give consumers a better, more user-friendly warranty experience. In other words, it was designed for you. Retailer warranty plans were not. In fact, retail warranties are there to boost profit margins. When you compare Upsie warranties to retailers like Best Buy or carriers like Verizon, you’ll quickly see that Upsie is the best protection plan out there.

Doesn’t the manufacturer warranty protect my phone?

A manufacturer warranty will partially protect your phone. Let us explain: manufacturer warranties protect out of the box issues created while the phone was being made. These limited warranties last anywhere from 90 days to one year. Now, if you take your phone out of your pocket, drop it and shatter the screen, the manufacturer warranty will not cover it. On the other hand, if your phone randomly powers off when in use, the manufacturer warranty should cover that.
Due to the limitations of a manufacturer warranty, many people will choose to purchase a warranty to extend that coverage and offer additional protection for accidental damage.

What do Upsie warranties cover?

Upsie warranties extend manufacturer coverage and add protection from drops, spills and other accidents on most portable devices. Non-portable devices do not have accidental damage protection. The breakdown is as follows.
Devices with accident protection include:
Coverage with accident protection includes:
  • Drops
  • Spills
  • Battery failure
  • Power failure
  • Speaker/sound failure
  • And more
Devices with no accident protection include:
Coverage includes:
  • Mechanical failure
  • Power failure
  • Speaker/sound failure
  • And more

Do I have to do anything after purchase?

After purchase, Upsie requests that you activate your plan. It’s easy to do! Just upload a picture of your product receipt in your Upsie account and enter some simple information about your device. They ask for this information so, when you make a claim, all of the information that they need is already in their system.
It also makes claims quick so you can get your devices repaired same-day, in most cases. You also will never have to hold on to a receipt again!
For Upsie's smartphone subscription warranties, you don't need to upload a receipt because Upsie covers new, used, old, and refurbished smartphones.

Can I still get a warranty?

When did you purchase your device? Upsie gives you time to purchase your warranty so you never feel pressured to do so directly after spending money on a new device. Here’s how long you have to get an Upsie warranty:
  • No eligibility window: smartphones
  • 60 days: laptops, tablets, headphones, smartwatches, cameras, video game consoles, small appliances
  • 11 months: TVs, fitness equipment, major appliances (new only)
Upsie covers new, used and refurbished devices purchased in the US. If your device is used/refurbished, it must come with at least a 30-days sellers warranty, or 30 days left on the manufacturer warranty.

How do I make a claim?

Upsie claims are open 24/7/365! Give their service center a call and a real person will work to file your claim as quickly as possible. They will even schedule a repair appointment for you! If you don’t feel like talking on the phone, you can fill out an online form. An Upsie representative will call you at a time that you specify.

Where will my device be repaired and how long do repairs take?

Most repairs for small devices like phones and tablets can be done same-day. The exception would be if the repair shop doesn’t have a part or availability. Luckily, Upsie works with over 10,000 repair centers around the country. And, if you want to go to a shop that is not in their repair network, no problem! Request to use the shop when you make a claim. Their team will approve use of the repair shop and issue you a reimbursement check after the repair is complete. This even includes the popular Genius Bar for Apple products!
Perhaps you’re not in a rush? Or maybe you don’t have time to go to the store? No problem! Upsie will send you a free box and prepaid shipping label so you can send it to their certified repair center. Shipping is 2-day and they guarantee that the technicians will do a great job!
Now, if you have a large electronic device, like an appliance or TV, Upsie will schedule a repair technician to come to your home for your repair.
In the rare case that a repair is not possible, and there have been no claims made on the plan, Upsie will replace your device. If a claim has already been made, or a replacement cannot be located, Upsie will send you a check for the remaining plan value.

What do I do if I have a question about my plan?

Give Upsie a call. Or send them an email. Better yet, contact them on Facebook or Twitter. While Upsie’s claims line is open 24/7/365, their corporate office does work normal business hours. They are open Monday-Friday 9am-4pm CT.

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