Explore the Best GaN Charger and the Benefits of GaN

GaN stands for gallium nitride, an increasingly common material for charger semiconductors. Primarily, GaN generates less heat than other common materials, which means designers can pack components more tightly together.

Is GaN Better Than Silicone for Semiconductors in Chargers?

The electrical current used to charge passes faster through GaN than silicone. Manufacturers have used silicone for components for decades, and during that time, engineers have developed impressive improvements to electronics.
According to Belkin, an electronics manufacturer, technology may have advanced as far as it can with silicone. In contrast, the company can make GaN chargers smaller and more efficient. GaN can conduct higher voltages than silicone, and it will become the go-to material for smaller and better-performing electronics of the future.

What Are the Best GaN Chargers on the Market?

The best GaN shopper for any consumer depends on the device that needs charging. Explore a sample of excellent GaN charges for various uses.

Belkin 30W GaN Charger: A Fast, Compact Smartphone Charger

This charger makes a great companion for most smartphones, tablets, and other handheld devices, but it probably isn't robust enough to efficiently charge laptops and other larger electronics. Just as Belkin promotes GaN chargers, it also manufactures them. The Android Authority featured the GaN USB-PD Charger 30W because of its energy efficiency, ability to fast charge most devices, and small size. Priced at about $30, it makes a great, compact companion for most smartphones.

Choetech 100W PD GaN Charger: The Best Choice for Laptops

Choetech packed this GaN laptop charger in a small case, but the device can still power not just one but two laptops simultaneously. The charger is also future-proof with support of up to 100W on one port, and it can still output 45W for each port with both used.
This charger provides enough power for phones, tablets, and most laptops. Because of its versatility, this option is perfect for individuals who have a range of electronics that need to be charged quickly. The Choetech 100W retails for about $70.

UGreen GaN X 100W GaN Charger: The Most Power and Flexibility

Two ports offer a 100W-rating, and the other two ports support 22.5W. With 65W available when using one of the two high-performance ports, the UGreen charger should supply enough power for almost any USB-C device. It's heavier and bulkier than the models described above, but it's relatively small for a fast charger with this kind of power and features. The UGreen charger sells for about $80.

Who Should Buy a GaN Charger?

GaN chargers typically cost more than chargers made out of more conventional materials. However, they offer value because of their compact sizes and powerful output. In the future, GaN chargers might become the standard because of the beneficial properties of the material. When it's time to buy a new charger for a smartphone, laptop, or other kinds of consumer electronics, consider investing in a GaN charger for faster charging, more power output, and a compact size.

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