How to Be More Eco-Friendly With Tech

The environment has never been at a greater risk of threat from humanity than it is currently. It's therefore crucial that everyone takes measures to be as eco-friendly as possible wherever they can. Anyone with a passion for the latest ever-evolving technology may feel like that's a struggle. However, that needn't be the case.
That's because, starting with only a handful or so of considerations, it's relatively straightforward to become more eco-friendly, even with a love of cutting-edge tech. We've put together a brief list of six simple ways for consumers to be more eco-friendly with technology in 2022 and beyond.

Six Ways to Be More Eco-Friendly With Technology

Being as eco-friendly as possible with technology can start with just one or two small changes to a person's behavior. From paying attention to materials to using extended warranties to protect valuable pieces of tech, these changes can be incredibly straightforward. An ideal place to start is with a focus on energy-saving measures.
#1. Focus On Energy-Saving Measures
Energy-saving measures are a great place to start when it comes to being more eco-friendly with technology. Most pieces of tech today have built-in tools designed to promote users' energy-saving efforts, such as sleep modes and other power management features. Simply turning these on and using a manufacturer's recommended settings for maximized efficiency can have a direct impact by reducing unnecessary day-to-day energy consumption.

#2. Use Eco-Friendly Smart Home Tech

Individuals and families across the board can further bolster efforts to focus on energy-saving measures using smart home tech. Take smart home thermostats, for instance. Unfortunately, home heating and air conditioning systems generally use vast quantities of energy. Unless all of this energy comes from green sources like solar, it negatively impacts the planet.
However, smart thermostats ensure that homes are only heated and cooled when necessary. As a result, they're an incredible tool in helping to safeguard the environment. That's because they actively minimize unnecessary energy usage, passively protecting the environment in the process. Smart lighting controls, window treatments, and more can all further limit a home's environmental impact as well.

#3. Pay Attention to Eco-Friendly Materials

Another great way to be more eco-friendly in terms of tech starts at the outset. That means seeking out devices and other gadgets that place importance squarely on protecting the environment. Examples include eco-friendly tech solutions that use natural and recycled materials. Options range from gadgets crafted using sustainable bamboo, cork, and non-toxic silicone to TVs and stereos that use recycled plastics with a focus on sustainability.

#4. Prolong the Life of Tech

Old tech going to landfills is one of the worst outcomes when it comes to taking an eco-friendly stance. Prolonging the life of everything from smartphones to smart fridges is central to avoiding this. It's something that consumers across the board can facilitate by taking out extended warranties and service plans for their most important pieces of tech.
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#5. Recycle What Cannot Be Repaired

Sometimes, repairs don't make sense. Alternatively, it may simply become obsolete over time. However, all is not lost. That's because almost every popular piece of tech can be recycled to one degree or another, rather than going in the garbage. Best Buy, for starters, will recycle electronics for customers, no matter how big, old, or where they came from.

#6. Switch Energy Providers

Those keen to focus on energy-saving measures and use smart home tech to be more efficient can also take things one step further. By switching to an energy provider concentrating on green and renewable sources, energy is as clean and eco-friendly as possible. By switching energy providers, it may even be possible to negotiate a cheaper rate and tariff.
Energy companies committed to making environmentally-friendly power more accessible are becoming increasingly widespread. Whether using biofuel, geothermal, hydroelectric, solar, or wind, dependence on fossil fuels and other non-renewable energy is falling. Ultimately, it's excellent news for those looking to be more eco-friendly with their tech and for the planet as a whole.

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