How to Save When Buying Electronics

From fancy TVs to the latest smartphones, most of us get excited when it’s time to upgrade or buy something new. However, when purchasing new electronics, you want to save as much money as possible and get the best deal. Here’s how to save money when buying electronics.

Tips on How to Save When Buying Electronics

Most people love to save money. Who wants to pay full price when you can find a sweet deal and pay less on something great? Here are some tips to save when buying electronics.

Choose Last Year’s Model

One way you can save money when buying electronics is to purchase last year’s model. It may be just as good as the latest shiny new one, but it could also save you a few hundred dollars. Typically, when a new model comes out (for example, a new iPhone or iPad), the older models drop in price, sometimes by $100 to $300. You could save money if you don’t need the latest and greatest.

Shop Around and Read Reviews

Don’t just buy electronics at the first store you visit or the first website you land on. Instead, check out a few different vendors. Sometimes different stores offer the very same make and model for less. Read reviews before buying to ensure you are getting a great quality item for your money.

Timing is Everything

Time your purchase for maximum savings. Around the holidays, you can sometimes get great deals on laptops, headphones, TVs, and smartphones. Even if you miss the Black Friday deals, Cyber Monday is always around the corner. If you time it right, you can save big.

Sell Your Old Electronics or Trade-In

If you are short on cash when you buy new electronics, you could always sell your old ones to a friend or online. Some stores also allow you to trade in working electronics like smartphones and tablets. However, remember that you may not get the best deal that way. It’s always better to sell the device privately to get more money to use for your new item.

Pair Down Your Wish List

Although you might want all the latest bells and whistles, you may not need all those features. See if you can pair down your wish list to the essentials, and it could save you a lot of money. Some products tack on hundreds of dollars for things you don’t need and probably won’t use.

Shop Where they Price Match

Many stores now price match. If you are shopping and the outlet doesn’t offer a price match, show them an ad where you can get the product for less and see if they will go for it. You can also sometimes ask for discounts. For example, if a sale just ended the day before, the manager may make an exception and give you the same deal. It can’t hurt to ask, right?

How an Electronics Warranty Helps You Save Money

When you spend your hard-earned money on electronics, you want them to last for a long time. Many devices come with a manufacturer’s warranty to protect the item from defects. However, most manufacturers’ warranties only last a year and sometimes less.
Instead of relying on the limited protection from the manufacturer, protect your electronics with Upsie. An electronics warranty from Upsie protects your items long after the original warranty expires. For example, Upsie’s offers two-year warranties for laptops and five-year warranties for large appliances. Upsie also offers warranties for tablets, gaming equipment, headphones and earbuds, smartwatches, PCs, and much more.
Upsie’s warranties cost up to 70% less than warranties from retailers or manufacturers. As a result, you get the best protection at the best price. In addition, you get long-lasting protection and 24/7 access to claims. If something goes wrong with your electronics, you won’t be stuck paying out of pocket for costly repairs or replacements. You can send in your item or choose to take it to a local certified repair shop. If they can’t repair it, Upsie will replace it on the first claim.
Upsie also offers a Smartphone Subscription Warranty that costs just $9.99 and includes comprehensive protection. So, if you drop it, crack the screen, or spill liquid on it, don’t worry; you are covered. In addition, Upsie's cracked screen repair deductible is just $9.99.
Rest assured your electronics are protected with an Upsie warranty.

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