Best Smart Tech and Devices Available in 2022

People rely on connected smart devices. As a result, many individuals may find everyday tasks difficult without a smartphone or PC. Stores, banks, and even government offices offer many services online. In any case, Pew Research reported this year that 85 percent of the population of American adults and high-school-aged teens own a smartphone. Also, the latest Census found that 92 percent of households owned at least one kind of computer, which could include a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or another computing device.
With the necessity of smart devices ever-growing, what tech should people look to own in 2022?

What Essential Smart Tech Devices Should People Own in 2022?

Besides phones and personal computers, which devices will people find essential in 2022? Here are the top three essential electronic devices that most people should consider purchasing to increase productivity and enjoy new forms of entertainment.

Smart Speakers and Smart Displays

Every year, more connected devices make their way into homes. And a connected home revolves around the smart speaker or display used to control it.
Besides serving as the hub for other connected electronics and appliances, a smart speaker can stream music and other content, allow voice-activated contact with an AI assistant like Siri or Alexa, take delivery orders, and much more. Popular options include Amazon Echo, Google Nest, and Apple HomePod.

Mesh Routers

As households gather more connected devices, they demand more from their home WiFi. Very often, several connected devices will require resources at the same time. Also, people typically carry their wireless devices all over the house and don't stay close to the one router from the internet provider that most households rely on.
Mesh routers can help boost WiFi signals, resulting in better performance with more range. As a result, a mesh router can eliminate former dead zones in a home or business. Popular nest routers include Google Nest WiFi and Netgear Orbi Pro WiFi 6.

VR Headsets

Today, most people probably invest in VR headsets to play games. Still, these gateways to the virtual world can offer access to apps for education, business training and meetings, communication, health and fitness, and of course, entertainment.
Some optimistic forecasters even believe that VR headsets may replace smartphones in popularity within ten years. So, 2022 might offer the perfect opportunity to get more acquainted with this technology.
Just a few examples of VR use at home include:
  • Users can use many of their typical streaming services in a VR headset to simulate watching movies or YouTube videos on a movie screen.
  • VR users can also use fitness apps for engaging in dance or tai chi workouts in their living room.
  • Meditation apps offer guided sessions in the natural or fantasy environment of choice.
  • With a travel app, people can experience a museum in London, a shopping mall in Tokyo, or a nostalgic visit to their hometown without leaving the sofa.
  • Chat apps allow for simulated VR meetings and presentations with friends, other VR users in distant places, customers, clients, or coworkers.
Some headsets work alone or by connecting to a PC or game console. Popular examples of virtual reality devices include Oculus Quest 2, HP Reverb G2, and Sony Playstation VR.

The Best Extended Warranty for Home Smart Tech in 2022

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