Will a SimpliSafe Wireless Security Camera Offer Protection?

No security camera or any other solution can provide a 100 percent guarantee against crime. At the same time, Security.org reviewed many academic studies on how well security cameras work to prevent theft, vandalism, and even violent crimes. Their security professionals found that security cameras deter crime, reduce risks, and often help catch criminals.
In fact, just the sight of a security camera will deter many thefts, according to interviews with hundreds of convicted burglars. Moreover, since the FBI found that average losses for a burglary totaled over $2,000, these systems may pay for themselves many times over. Besides, many homeowners insurance policies will offer discounts for security systems.
Based on their research, Security.org suggested taking a few steps to maximize the security camera’s effectiveness. Some of these measures include:
  • Don’t hide them! Surprisingly, just the sight of the cameras can provide effective deterrence.
  • To work best, the area around the camera needs sufficient lighting at night. Some products include their own motion-activated spotlights or night vision using infrared lighting.
  • The combination of a camera, alarm, and lights proved most effective.
  • Using both indoor and outdoor cameras offers the best chance of catching bad guys in the act.

How Well Does a SimpliSafe Wireless Outdoor Security Camera Work?

In the past, SimpliSafe only offered an indoor camera. They also sold a protective sleeve to customers who wanted to use the camera outside, but they never really designed this device to withstand external environments.
According to TechHive, the company just recently introduced a true outdoor camera. This device includes a weatherproof shell, people detection, and a spotlight. Some features of this $170 outdoor security camera include:
  • WiFi connectivity with a base station
  • Support for Google Assistant and Alexa
  • A rechargeable battery that functions between three to six months on a single charge
  • Support for HDR resolution up to 1080p and a 140-degree field
  • Two kinds of night vision and a spotlight
  • Support for people detection and the ability to set up activity zones
  • Two-way audio and a loud siren
This outdoor wireless camera has the potential to offer most of the features that a truly effective security camera should have.

Is the SimpliSafe Wireless Outdoor Camera a Good Security Camera?

On the negative side, people detection only comes with a SimpliSafe subscription, which costs $10 a month extra. Also, connectivity requires a base station, and SimpliSafe includes these only in the SimpliSafe alarm systems. These start at $230.
In other words, people who plan to invest in an alarm system from SimpliSafe should feel satisfied with the outdoor camera. Otherwise, some other camera systems don’t require investing in another expensive security system. It’s fair to mention that the combination of a camera and a security alarm may work better than a camera alone.
For some other examples, compare Ring and Blink security cameras or view this article on a soon-to-be-released Google Nest Floodlight camera.

How to Protect an Investment in Home Security Cameras

Outdoor security cameras can help deter and even catch criminals. But, at the same time, they include a camera, lens, and many sensitive components needed for connectivity, communication, and processing.
Because these electronic devices spend their working lives outside, exposed to various weather conditions, they may experience damage that threatens functionality.
Upsie offers a solution by providing affordable extended warranties that protect cameras from damage. Upsie warranty customers can enjoy 24/7 access to live claims service, local or ship-it-in repairs, and protection against mechanical, electronic, and connectivity problems. All of this protection comes with affordable plans and no deductibles.
While the devices help protect a home, an Upsie extended warranty for security cameras can protect both the device and the customer.

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