eBay Versus Upsie Online Electronic Warranties

People generally shop on eBay for its vast selection of competitively priced electronics. Careful shoppers can find good deals, but do eBay protection plans offer shoppers the best value?
Even though many people find it convenient to sign up for eBay’s warranty, other warranty companies may offer lower prices and better benefits. To learn more, compare eBay versus Upsie electronics warranties.

What Company Provides eBay Electronics Warranties?

Is eBay a warranty company? No. SquareTrade provides the warranties promoted on eBay. In turn, Allstate, an established insurance company, owns SquareTrade. That means that eBay and SquareTrade operate as two independent companies.
In general, customers find SquareTrade reliable, but they should understand that eBay promotes SquareTrade warranties similarly to other products or services that they sell. A quick search will even find SquareTrade warranties listed as a product for sale, just like other listings.
Again, eBay does not own SquareTrade because Allstate owns it. Of course, eBay earns revenue each time they sell an extended warranty from SquareTrade, but they don’t run a warranty company.

How Does SquareTrade Compare to Upsie for Electronics Warranties?

Terms and prices for SquareTrade and Upsie warranties will vary by the product’s type and price. Therefore, consumers should look into details for specific items they plan to purchase.
To compare eBay versus Upsie warranties, let’s look at two warranties for electronics under $100. Some examples of these products might include inexpensive compact cameras, portable speakers, or budget-friendly fitness trackers.

An Example of eBay Versus Upsie

In a listing for an electronic under $100, a two-year protection plan costs $23.99. For more information, customers should look at SquareTrade’s warranty terms for electronics products. The fine print specifically mentions coverage of all sorts of problems if they happen during everyday use of the product.
For instance:
  • The warranty terms mention coverage for failures caused by defects, dust, or condensation.
  • The warranty covers power surges if the product was plugged into a surge protector at the time, and the company reserves the right to examine the surge protector.
Allstate’s SquareTrade offers accidental damage plans for a higher price, but they don’t include it in this listing. For coverage of damage from accidents, expect to pay about $10 more.
In contrast, consider the example of a $99 fitness tracker. Upsie charges $13.99 for two years and $18.99 for three years of protection. Upsie electronics warranties all include accidental protection, and that means an Upsie warranty will help pay to repair damage from accidental spills and drops for no additional fee

Find Out More About Upsie Electronics Warranties!

Indeed, eBay makes it easy to pick up an extended warranty after purchasing electronics. Upsie offers their warranties online too, and they make the fine print a lot easier to read. Upsie has clear, easy-to-understand details, prices, and plan choices.
Upsie’s electronics plans include 24-7 claims service by phone, a choice between mail-in or local certified services, and robust coverage against accidents, defects, and early wear. Upsie offers protection plans for a variety of electronics, from wearables to home entertainment systems.
The company will also cover appliances, fitness equipment, and lots more. Upsie’s warranties save customers money because they charge less. In addition, they protect electronics and prevent unexpected repair bills.

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