Upsie Versus AllState for Laptop Extended Warranties

After buying a laptop, consumers may not care to spend extra money on a warranty. However, having an extended warranty prevents high out-of-pocket repair costs and helps laptops run longer. Two of the most popular extended warranty options come from Upsie and Allstate (formerly known as SquareTrade). Keep reading for an in-depth comparison between Upsie and Allstate laptop extended warranties.

Can Extended Warranties for Laptops Save Consumers Money?

First, let’s determine whether laptop warranties help consumers save money. Laptop technicians may charge up to $60 an hour to perform repairs, according to HomeAdvisor. The cost for most repairs also includes the price of replacement parts.
For instance, the labor needed to replace various types of screens might not differ so much, but new, advanced displays may cost more than traditional screens.
Total bills for common laptop problems average about $250. Even replacing a typical laptop screen may run $200, and the new HD screens will generally cost more. With a good extended warranty, laptop owners don’t need to worry about budgeting for unexpected repairs. Good warranty companies can also ensure prompt service and easy access to certified technicians.
Top warranty companies include Upsie and Allstate’s SquareTrade. Compare these two warranty providers to see which one will genuinely offer the best value.

Compare Laptop Extended Warranties from Upsie and Allstate SquareTrade

Allstate and Upsie both offer pretty generous coverage for a wide range of common issues. For example, these repairs could include fixes for power, connectivity, mechanical, component, and screen problems. Both companies even cover damage caused by spilled liquids and other accidents.
The first thing most customers will notice about the difference between these two warranty companies is the price. Prices for both companies will vary according to the cost of the laptop, and more expensive machines cost more to protect than cheaper ones.
For instance, consider Allstate SquareTrade warranty protection for a $999 Apple Macbook Air:
  • Two years with a $75 deductible: $154.99
  • Three years with a $75 deductible: $199.99
In contrast, Upsie offers two-year and three-year plans with a $25 deductible. For a two-year warranty on that same $999 MacBook, consider the cost of Upsie’s protection:
  • Two years with a $25 deductible: $121.99
  • Three years with a $25 deductible: $179.99
Upsie’s plans cost up to 70 percent less than plans offered elsewhere. Not only does Allstate charge considerably more, but they also set their deductible at three times the cost of Upsie’s.

Save Money on Laptop Protection With Upsie

Besides offering prices lower than their competitors, Upsie also provides several great benefits:
  • The company has live claims representatives available by phone or online 24-7.
  • Customers have a choice of mail-in and local certified repairs.
  • Upsie’s warranties ensure robust protection against accidents, defects, and unexpected wear.
  • If Upsie can’t fix the problem, the company will offer a replacement on the first claim.
  • Upsie customers can make unlimited claims up to the purchase price of the device.
Upsie ensures peace of mind with high-quality customer service and comprehensive protection. To get started, visit the laptop warranty page to compare plan details, options, and prices. Besides Apple MacBooks, Upsie also covers a variety of laptop brands, other electronics, and many large and small appliances.

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