Get to Know Popular Google Nest Smart Devices

Google markets smart devices under the Google Nest brand. These devices support Google Home Assistant. For a quick comparison, think of Amazon Echo devices that support Alexa. Since so many shoppers flock to Amazon, people may enjoy more familiarity with the various Amazon Echo products that bring Alexa into homes than with Google Nest and Home Assistant.
Other types and brands of devices, like smartphones, PCs, and even video doorbells, also support these smart assistants. They can communicate with each other and be controlled through devices and apps. For example, people can use these smart assistants to consume entertainment, control compatible appliances, adjust thermostats, access home security systems, watch streaming content, and much more.
According to CNET, choosing between Amazon Alexa and Google Home Assistant may come down to personal or brand preferences. Even more, comparing them can often feel like splitting hairs.

What Are Popular Google Nest Smart Devices?

To make a good choice, read a quick introduction to some of the most popular Amazon Nest devices.

Google Nest Hub

Both CNET and Tom’s Guide ranked the Second Generation Google Nest Hub as the best Nest option to get started with. Not only does this device access Google Home Assistant, but it’s also a nice way to access entertainment, like music and videos from YouTube.
It also includes the Soli Chip that responds to air gestures and can even track sleep. For this second-generation product, Google also greatly improved sound quality over the original Google Nest. For all this, the device only costs about $89.

Google Nest Mini

Unlike the Google Nest Hub, the Mini is just a small speaker without a screen. Instead, it uses voice commands to control other smart systems and play all kinds of audio content, like music or podcasts. Some people start with the Nest Mini, but others like it for a second or even third device to place in various rooms where they don’t need another screen.
The Google Nest Mini costs $50. To find out more about other Google Nest speakers, see this comparison of Google Nest Home, Mini, and Max speakers.

Google Nest Thermostat

Compared to some pricier smart thermostats, the Google Nest Thermostat performs very well for only about $130. It’s easy to use, stylish, and integrates and performs well with other Google Nest devices or phone apps.

Google Nest Hello

At about $229, this smart doorbell costs more than most of the other Google Nest devices. Still, it’s an audio and video-enabled doorbell that can send alerts and even allow two-way conversations with people at the door through the Google Nest Hub. With a premium subscription, it even includes facial recognition.

Protecting Google Nest Smart Devices

A product like Google Nest Hub provides plenty of features on its own. Still, most people enjoy the most benefits by buying a smart display or smart speaker to use with other intelligent devices. Some examples include thermostats, security systems and appliances.
In order to enjoy long-term value from this investment in smart home devices, consider buying an affordable protection plan from Upsie. For the Google Nest Hub, visit the Upsie smart speaker warranty page and choose the brand and price range to view plan prices. As with other Upsie extended warranties, customers get their choice of local or mail-in repairs, access to 24-7 claims, comprehensive coverage, and the most affordable warranty prices.
Besides Google Nest, Upsie also covers Amazon and many other major brands. This includes smart displays, smart speakers, and even smart appliances. Take the time to figure out which products will provide the best benefits and then make an easy choice to protect purchases with Upsie extended warranties.

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