Google Nest Lineup: Home, Mini and Max Smart Speakers

Along with plenty of other areas of digital life, Google has distinguished itself with smart displays and speakers. If people want to control their entire home or simply listen to news and music, Google has a device to suit almost everybody. Check out this comparison of the Google Home, Home Mini, and Home Max smart speakers.

Google Home Vs. Mini Vs. Max Smart Speakers

Of course, comparison shoppers might notice size and color differences between the Google Home, Mini, and Max immediately. For instance:
  • Google Home: The original Google Home speaker measures 5.62 inches tall and 3.79 inches in diameter. This speaker only comes in white; however, users can swap out different color bases.
  • Google Home Mini: Lots of people compare the Google Home Mini to a hockey puck in size and shape. It’s four inches wide and two inches tall. Color choices include coral and aqua.
  • Google Home Max: As the name implies, Google made the Home Max the largest of its speakers. It measures 13.2 x 7.4 x 6.0 inches. The Home Max comes in white, but like the Mini, the fabric part can come in light or dark gray.
Unlike the Google Hub devices, the Home speakers don’t come with screens. The Hub screens can even play videos with instructions for accessing and connecting devices. Even without screens for playing helpful videos, the speakers will read the instructions. The speakers also have some touch controls. For instance, users can turn the microphone on or off with a switch. Lights indicate when the devices engage in active listening or processing.
Another nice feature lets the speaker recognize different voices, which might impact the way it interprets commands. For instance, a request to call Grandma could produce a different phone number if it came from Mom, Dad, or one of the kids. Besides controlling smart devices, these speakers can also play content from multiple streaming services.
According to DigitalTrends, the speaker quality of Google Home and Home Mini may not suit true audiophiles when playing music. The reviewer found this particularly noticeable with the volume turned up. For the best sound quality, the Google Home Max offers the best solution.

How Much Will the Google Home, Home Max or Home Mini Cost?

The Google Mini costs a budget-friendly $49. At the other end of the spectrum, the Google Home Max costs $299. The original Google Home sells for $99. Good shoppers can generally find some deals and discounts on all of these devices to reduce the price.

Which is the Best Google Home Speaker?

As with most shopping decisions, the right choice will probably depend upon preferences, budgets, and needs. According to CNET, all three of these speakers have the same general abilities. Obviously, the Max can produce better sound quality at a high volume. However, the Mini offers a great option for a smaller room or even a child’s room.
Because of the modest price, the Google Mini may also serve as a good introduction for people who want to test out smart speakers but aren’t certain they want to use them that much. The CNET reviewer also thought the original Google Home speaker offered a fair balance of sound quality and price.
Before buying a Google smart speaker, consumers might also want to compare Google Home devices with the Google Nest and Echo Show products. Unlike the speaker-only devices, these products also include screens for viewing videos, graphics, and even scenes from the security camera.

How to Protect Google Home Smart Speakers

Once people start using their smart speakers for entertainment, information, and even security, they begin to rely upon them. Like other sophisticated electronics, speakers can suffer from damage because of defects, accidents, electric shorts, and other issues. The owners will feel much more satisfied when they know they have a way to access prompt, high-quality repairs without surprisingly high repair bills.
Here’s an often-missed trick for enjoying prompt, affordable repairs from certified techs. Upsie offers smart speaker warranties from the TV/Home Theater page. If you want your speaker protected from accidents, you can get protection from the Headphone Warranty page. Here’s how to get started:
  • Simply enter the closest match for the manufacturer and price on the quote box at the top to view Upsie’s transparent plan details and prices.
  • Register the device and pay for the selected protection plan.
  • After that, enjoy 24-7 claims and customer service, a choice of local and mail-in repairs, and protection against defects, accidents (Headphone category only), early wear, and many other kinds of problems.
With so many choices, shoppers may have to spend some time comparing various smart speakers and screens. After that, they can make an easy decision to protect them with an affordable, high-quality protection plan from Upsie.

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