The Most Exciting Tech Announced at CES

The Consumer Electronics Show, CES, exhibits some of the latest and greatest tech from popular brands like Samsung, Dell, Intel, LG, Nvidia, and others. This year, CES showcased new TVs and projectors, unique all-screen laptops, a new handheld console, concept phone models, and more.

Here are the most exciting announcements and innovations from CES 2023.

Laptops and Tablets

CES was revolutionary for laptop screens, touchpads, and chargers. First is Acer’s new bike desk, which actively charges your laptop as you pedal the bike. Acer doesn't have a history of fitness machines, so this release was a surprise. Still, it’s a unique contraption on the market that allows individuals to multitask and exercise while powering their workstation.

Next is Lenovo's Yoga Book 9i, which has two side-by-side screens and a Bluetooth keyboard. This could be ideal for those who love the compact design of a tablet but prefer having two displays. In addition, it has an original stand that can balance the screens horizontally or vertically. It's versatile, unique, and impressive.

Asus’ newest laptop comes with built-in 3D visualization. The OLED screen mimics a 3D screen without the user needing special glasses by utilizing eye-tracking techniques to make the images on-screen pop out. As a result, the laptop will help graphic designers and engineers better construct 3D models.

LG introduced a new lightweight laptop with a hidden touchpad. This makes the keypad feel sleek and modern without having a touchpad to take up space. The touchpad lights up when you touch it. However, it stays hidden when you don’t need it.

Gaming Consoles and Controllers

CES featured some impressive tech – and some of the best releases centered around gaming. Most importantly, the Razer Edge was finally unveiled as a competitor for the Nintendo Switch and the Steam Deck. The device is a slim Android tablet with a 2,400x1,080-pixel resolution display that runs up to 144Hz.

Another new gaming device is Dell’s concept Nyx controller. The device looks like a standard gaming controller but has touch controls and button combinations that will make it easier for gamers to utilize every aspect of their gaming experience. Since it’s just a concept design, Dell might not release it to the market.


Foldable phones are one of the newest additions to the smartphone market. Samsung has expanded on the idea of the foldable phone with the Flex Hybrid. The model can hold in half while also siding out the side panel to create an extended screen. As a result, it can move between a 10.5-inch and 12.4-inch screen or a 4:3 and 16:10 screen ratio. This is exciting tech, but, for now, the Flex Hybrid is just an interesting concept.

Typically, consumers don’t expect to see anything within a reasonable price range at CES. However, TCL and Samsung showed affordable smartphone lineups that cost less than $200. The phones have improved screens and better cameras while staying affordable.


Among other exciting releases, smartwatches can sometimes be overlooked. However, Citizen released a new AI smartwatch that can monitor your alertness and fatigue levels. The smartwatch’s goal is to help you get rest when you need to improve your mental health. To assess your alertness, the watch has the wearer take short Alert Monitoring tests. In addition, the company claims that the watch can understand your chronotype and tell whether you’re a morning or night person.


TVs are also one of the most exciting reveals at CES. At previous CES events, we’ve seen foldable TVs and clear TVs. This year, LG announced a new version of their 97-inch OLED model. However, there’s one huge change – it’s a wireless TV. The massive screen has crystal-clear pictures with no messy wires to hide. The LG Signature Series M3 OLED is one of the most impressive TVs released so far.

Another big announcement comes from Roku, who decided to create its own TVs rather than partner with TV brands like Hisense. Although they don’t have an innovative TV to add, it’s an exciting choice, and we’re excited to see what Roku will come up with.


Some of the most interesting CES reveals were the new car designs. For example, Sony surprised the CES attendees with the release of a new electric vehicle called Afeela and a partnership with Honda. The car has 45 sensors that monitor the road as well as the driver’s condition to ensure optimal safety. It will be partly self-driving and can drive autonomously in traffic jams, and the inside of the car will integrate Epic Games’ Unreal Engine for better entertainment and communication. Preorders for the car will begin in 2025.

Sony and Honda weren't the only companies announcing new cars. BMW stepped onto the stage with a car that felt more personable. The car's exterior is also programmable, meaning you can change the color or give your car a face. You can also talk to the car, and the car will respond to you, acting as a copilot.

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