How to Find the Best Electronics Insurance

Key Points:

  • Extended warranties for electronics are an affordable way to guarantee access to fast, easy, and affordable repairs.
  • Upsie offers warranties that often cost up to 70% less than warranties from competitors.

Learn more about choosing the best warranties for your tech.

Do You Need Insurance for Electronics?

From laptops, tablets, PCs, and cameras, electronics are part of everyday life. When you experience a tech issue, it can delay projects and cause you to spend hundreds of dollars on a repair or replacement.

The best way to protect yourself from the frustration of broken electronics is to pair your tech with an extended warranty. When you purchase an extended warranty, you are prepaying for the repair, but with a huge discount.

For example, an Upsie warranty for a $450 iPad costs just $72.99 for two years and $106.99 for three years. Without a warranty, a repair is likely to cost around $100. This means you get comprehensive protection for up to three years that costs less than a single repair out of warranty. Plus, with an Upsie warranty, you can make unlimited claims up to the device’s purchase price.

It almost always makes sense to purchase an extended warranty for your electronics. You gain comprehensive coverage, fast repairs, and access to good customer service when you need it.

What Should You Look for to Find the Best Electronics Insurance?

Of course, choosing the right warranty company is important. There are several things to look for when browsing your options:

  • Transparent terms: Look through the company website for the terms and conditions. Good warranty companies will make everything transparent rather than showing you what you agreed to after your purchase.
  • Clear deductibles: Some electronic warranties will come with a deductible. Find a company that clearly lists deductible costs.
  • Affordable prices: Many companies will overcharge for their warranty service. Others, like Upsie, charge up to 70% less than warranty competitors.

You should also consider customer reviews. First, make sure that you can find customer reviews on a site like TrustPilot. If the company hides reviews, it could be a sign that most customers have negative experiences with the company.

What Companies Offer Electronics Insurance?

You have plenty of options when it comes to finding a warranty company to guarantee your electronics from damage. Some of the most common options include manufacturers, phone carriers, retailers, and independent providers.


Manufacturers will often pair their products with a limited warranty. The limited warranty (in most cases) will last one year and guarantees the electronics from manufacturing defects. Some manufacturers will also offer the option of an extended warranty.

Phone Carriers

Phone carriers, like Verizon and T-Mobile, offer extended warranties for cellular electronics. However, avoid purchasing extended warranties from phone carriers as the warranty costs are often inflated. For example, you can purchase a smartphone warranty from Verizon for $17 per month. In contrast, an Upsie warranty for a smartphone is only $9.99 per month.


While you’re in the checkout line at a store, the store clerk might offer a store warranty. However, similar to warranties from phone carriers, retailers often inflate the price of the warranty. As a result, store warranties aren’t the best option.

Independent Providers

Your best option is to purchase an extended warranty from an independent provider. These businesses, like Upsie, often offer the best prices with the best coverage.

Upsie’s warranties cost up to 70% less than warranties from competitors. In addition, Upsie’s warranties are comprehensive and include 24/7/365 access to claims services. When you need to make a claim, you can often get the repair completed on the same day the claim was approved.

Protect Your Electronics With Upsie’s Extended Warranties

Upsie offers warranties for a wide range of electronics, including the following:

  • Smartphones
  • Smartwatches
  • Tablets
  • Video gaming equipment
  • Laptops and PCs
  • Tablets
  • Large and small appliances
  • And more!

Upsie also covers used and refurbished tech that comes with at least a 30-days manufacturer’s warranty. Many of Upsie’s warranties for portable devices (like laptops and tablets) include accidental protection, as well. This means you get comprehensive protection for liquid spills, drops, and screen cracks.

In addition, all of Upsie’s warranties (excluding smartphone subscription warranties) come with unlimited claims up to the device’s purchase price. So, if you make a claim for a device that you bought for $700, and Upsie spends $100 on the repair, you still have $600 left for future claims.

Upsie offers a subscription warranty for smartphones that costs just $9.99 per month with two claims per 12 months. The warranty covers accidents, defects, and damage for comprehensive protection. Plus, it has a $0 cracked screen deductible!

Get the best protection at the best price when you choose Upsie to protect your electronics.

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