Tech Gifts For Kids to Encourage Them to Develop Creativity

Since the dawn of Saturday morning cartoons, parents have worried that technology would stifle their child's natural brain development and creativity. Don't let these sorts of fears keep children from making the most of available technology.
For instance, Dr. Monica Garfield of Bentley University conducted numerous studies that revealed technology could help boost innate creativity and the skills needed to support it. In particular, electronic mediums make it easy to access and share knowledge.
Just as pens and pencils replaced scratching messages on papyrus, modern screens and keyboards provide more efficient tools. Children can now progress even faster to uncover their unique creative genius.

Top Tech Gifts for Kids to Spark Creativity

These technological toys can help ignite a child's creative spark. Luckily, kids will also think they're a lot of fun!

A Kid's eReader

Future writers develop from voracious readers. Amazon's $110 package includes an eReader, a kid-proof case, and a subscription to Kids+. In most areas of the U.S., local libraries also have eBooks children can check out to their Kindles.
Wired Magazine also mentioned Amazon's Echo Dot Kid's Edition and the Amazon Fire HD Kid's Edition as excellent choices. In particular, various Amazon devices tend to complement each other. If parents already use Amazon devices, these three Amazon devices should prove particularly handy.

A Kid's Built-it-Yourself 2-in-1

Some parents dream that their child will grow up to innovate like Steve Jobs or Elon Musk. Why not introduce them to computers with a kit that builds a touchscreen tablet with a snap-on keyboard?
According to Engadget, the Kano PC comes mostly put together, so children and their parents only need to stick together a few parts. Some parents may feel disappointed to see such a simple kit, but a lot more will probably feel relieved to learn they won't need to struggle to help their children assemble the computer.
After it's assembled, the computer includes lessons on writing code and making digital art. The computer runs Windows and comes loaded with Minecraft: Education Edition, and the kit sells for $399.

A Starter Kit for the Youngest Geniuses

Osmo developed its Little Genius Starter Kit to appeal to the youngest tech users. It works with tablet apps and uses silicon sticks and rings. Kids can use costumes and a character board to play dress-up games and learn letters and numbers.
Three to five year old children can develop their creativity while getting a head start on some essential skills they'll need for school. The Osmos Little Genius Start Kit sells for $79.

Kid-Proof Extended Warranties for Children's Tech

Worried that children won't always take as much care to avoid accidents with electronic devices as adults will? After all, plenty of adults have damaged their electronics by spilling liquids or dropping the devices. Don't worry about a thing with an extended warranty from Upsie.
For instance:
  • An affordable tablet computer warranty will cover accidental spills, drops, wear, and much more with a low deductible of only $25.
  • Coverage includes damage to screens, mechanical and electronic components, and power systems. Even better, Upsie lets customers choose local or mail-in service from certified techs, and Upsie also has claims reps waiting by the phone 24-7.
  • Plus, Upsie charges up to 70 percent less than their competitors, but they never skimp on their services or coverage.
Take time to explore many options for children's tech gifts that will encourage creativity. Then kid-proof that tech with an Upsie warranty. Besides tablets, Upsie also covers PCs and a variety of electronic devices.

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