Top 5 Wyze Products Every Homeowner Needs

Since being founded in 2017, Wyze has quickly grown to become one of the top smart product brands on the market today. With offerings ranging from smart security systems to smart sprinkler controllers and beyond, there are certainly plenty of exciting Wyze products to choose from if you are looking to outfit your home with all new smart devices
In this article, we’ll take a look at the top five Wyze products that every homeowner needs. In addition, we’ll cover why protecting your expensive Wyze products with an extended warranty from Upsie is an excellent option to consider.

1. Wyze Lock

Have you ever left the house only to worry soon after if you forgot to lock the door? With the Wyze Lock, you’ll never have to worry about forgetting to lock the door. This product automatically locks each time the door closes.
In addition to automatically locking each time the door is closed, the Wyze Lock offers several other impressive features. This includes features such as unlocking automatically when you arrive home, door position detection that will send a notification to your smartphone when the door is left open, and the ability to view the lock’s history to determine when it was opened and who opened it. Best of all, the Wyze lock is designed to fit onto any door’s existing deadbolt, so you don’t have to go through the hassle of changing keys.

2. Wyze Robot Vacuum

Why go to the trouble of vacuuming your home when there is a robot that will do it for you? While robot vacuum cleaners have been around for some time, the Wyze Robot Vacuum offers several useful features that set it apart from the competition.
The Wyze Robot Vacuum features a 4-core Cortex-A7 processor and seven sensor groups for fast and accurate room mapping. The vacuum can quickly analyze any room to calculate the most efficient cleaning paths. Meanwhile, the vacuum itself produces up to 2,100pa of suction and is capable of crossing over uneven surfaces to clean both hardwood and carpet. Lastly, the Wyze Robot Vacuum can connect to your smartphone. With this feature, you can schedule cleaning times, select specific areas, add virtual walls, and more.

3. Wyze Thermostat

Smart thermostats have quickly become one of the most popular smart products on the market, and the Wyze Thermostat is among the best smart thermostats available today. With the Wyze Thermostat, you can control the temperature settings in your home from any location using your smartphone.
In addition, the Wyze Thermostat also gives you the ability to set climate control schedules, control the thermostat using voice commands, and receive energy-saving tips that are based on your usage history.

4. Wyze Video Doorbell

If you would like to add an extra layer of security to your home, the Wyze Video Doorbell is a great product to purchase. Several advantages set the Wyze Video Doorbell apart from similar products, including a 3:4 aspect ratio on the camera that allows you to see visitors from head to toe and a built-in chime with nineteen different tones to choose from. The Wyze Video Doorbell also offers the following:
  • 1080p HD video
  • Free cloud storage for motion-activated videos
  • Two-way audio that allows you to communicate with visitors from any location
A small, discreet size that won’t take away from your home’s outer decor and is perfect for adding an additional layer of safety and security to your home.

5. Wyze Cam V3

No list of the best Wyze products would be complete without mentioning the product that first put the Wyze brand on the map. The Wyze Cam V3 marks the company’s latest update on the original Wyze Cam. It is a smart security camera that enables you to view the camera’s feed on your smartphone from any location.
This newest version of the ever-popular Wyze Cam comes equipped with a Starlight CMOS Sensor that produces full-color video even in low-light conditions. It also has exciting features such as two-way audio communication, a built-in siren, and an IP65 rating.

Protect Your Wyze Products With a Warranty From Upsie

While Wyze designed their products to be durable and long-lasting, even the best products break down with use. This is especially true for complex electronics such as the products that Wyze provides. Thankfully, Upsie’s industry-leading smart device warranties enable you to protect all the Wyze products in your home. If you would like a warranty to protect the smartphone you use to control your Wyze devices, then there’s an Upsie warranty for that, as well!
To learn more about Upsie, visit their website, shoot them an email or give them a call. A knowledgeable and friendly customer service representative will be happy to answer any questions you have. Get Upsie today and enjoy the peace of mind that only an Upsie warranty can offer.

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