5 Best Tech Gifts to Give in 2021 for Any Occasion

Everyone loves a fun new tech gadget for a gift, regardless of the occasion. Whether you are celebrating mom on Mother’s Day, a special high school or college graduate, dad on Father’s Day, or everything in-between, there’s a tech gift for that special person. However, the tech market is so massive that you might not know where to start in your search for the perfect gift.
If you’ve fallen behind the latest tech trends, you might need some ideas about where to start your search, how much you might spend, and the best extended warranty for any of the tech gifts you choose.

The Five Best Tech Gifts to Give in 2021 for Any Occasion

If you’ve checked your calendar and the next gift recipient on your list loves tech, you’re probably in the middle of a mad search to determine what exactly to get. Here are the five best tech gifts that will appeal to a broad range of tech lovers. Keep reading to find out more about each item.

1. The Amazon Echo Dot Smart Speaker

Amazon has introduced its fourth generation of the Echo Dot Smart Speaker. As Amazon’s most popular smart speaker that features the popular assistant Alexa, this is a gift most family and friends have probably heard of if they aren’t actually considering buying it. Amazon has delivered a sleek and compact design that suits a cubicle desk, dorm suite, or your new home office. Amazon made one major design change between the 3rd generation and this one, its shape. The Echo Dot is now spherical and looks great in various settings and amid different designs.
Here are a few features you might love with this speaker:
  • Voice control allows the management of streaming music from various popular streaming platforms.
  • Alex Assistant services allow you to ask for everything from a weather check to the latest podcasts in your favorite genre.
  • Smart home control, using voice commands to adjust thermostats, lock doors, open and close the garage door, and much more.
  • Hands-free calling for easy connections.
The Amazon Echo Dot sells for around $29.99. It is a great bargain for a portable speaker your loved one can trust and enjoy, especially when you find a warranty covering any repairs that come along.

2. Huawei Matebook 13

If you’re shopping for a high school or college graduate moving on to their next phase in life, they might need a new laptop. It will support their continuing college efforts, new job, or the launch of their small business. The Huawei Matebook 13 is a quiet competitor in the laptop field, but it is certainly one to watch. You’ll find these sleek and super thin, lightweight machines in Core i5 or Core i7, packed with the following features:
  • Intel UHD Graphics 620 NVidia GeForce
  • RAM set at 8GB
  • 8th Generation CPU Intel Core i5-i7
With a price tag of $1,175.80, this is definitely a machine that deserves a proper Upsie laptop warranty. An Upsie warranty will keep it safe in case of accidents or any failure to ensure you grad never misses a project deadline.

3. Fitness Tracker Sport Watch

This popular category is packed with high-caliber options for people who want to increase their movement to enjoy better health, body weight, and state of mind. A few contenders include the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, the Apple Series 6, and so many others. When searching for a smartwatch as a gift, search for these features to help your loved one become more active to achieve their goals:
  • Connectivity and notifications
  • Unique style
  • Versatility
  • Durability
With a broad range of prices starting under $100 to over $300, you have a wide-open category of tech gifts, depending on how gadget-oriented your fitness buff is.

4. K-Classic Coffee Maker

Most people who need to function in life need coffee in the morning, and buying a cup on the go can become expensive. If your giftee is trying to save money without sacrificing high-quality coffee, the K-Classic Coffee Maker is the perfect small appliance gift to keep them joyously and effortlessly caffeinated.
This stylish Keurig brewing machine supports three crucial cup sizes: 6, 8, and 10-oz. Your coffee drinker can choose the size that best suits them without worrying about running low or creating waste. Further, the brewer turns off automatically but maintains the heat for 90 minutes to ensure the availability of hot water.

5. Olympus Pen E-PL9 Camera

If someone you care about wants to start taking higher quality photos than what’s possible with their smartphone, the Olympus Pen E-PL9 is a great option. They can still quickly and easily share candid shots with friends and family on social media, since the E-PL9 was designed with Instagram and Facebook in mind. It actually sends photos to their smartphones via a Bluetooth or wireless connection. With 16-megapixels and 4K video, they’ll carry this camera wherever they go to catch the perfect shot every time.

Start Shopping for the Perfect Gift and Corresponding Warranty

You can’t assume that every gift, no matter how fantastic, will come in perfect condition. You also can’t account for any accidents your gift recipient might experience, but you don’t want them to lose access to your thoughtful gift. Invest in an Upsie warranty for them to help keep their new device running smoothly.

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