The Top Tech Gifts to Benefit Tech-Challenged Seniors

While many older folks lack the tech-savvy skills of generations born into the digital revolution, AARP studies found older populations adapting to new tech rapidly in recent years. In particular, the pandemic sparked a global tech boom as individuals and businesses quickly changed how they communicated, worked, and shopped.
This increased reliance upon electronics extends to older people. But, at the same time, this revolution may leave some seniors out. That's particularly true for older adults who suffer from infirmities that make using typical devices more challenging.

How Do Seniors Use Technology?

The rapid evolution of technology during the pandemic did not necessarily leave out seniors. Digital shopping, communication, telehealth, and productivity tools have enabled some older folks to protect themselves while improving their lives and relationships.
The AARP study reference earlier found that people over 50 have tripled their tech spending since the pandemic began. Older adults most commonly buy smartphones, smart TVs, and wireless earbuds or headphones.
In particular, survey respondents said they're using video chat, text, email, and phones more than they did in the pre-pandemic years. For example, before COVID-19, about half said they had never used video chat before; however, about one out of three use it every week now.
Still, not all seniors have the opportunity to benefit from new technology. Alison Bryant, a research vice-president at AARP, said that the pandemic drove tech adoption by older people. Still, this time of rapid change also highlighted a divide, with 38 million disconnected seniors who can't enjoy the benefits of smartphones, computers, and other connected devices.
In particular, a 60-year-old grandpa will probably have an easier time adapting to tech than an 80-year-old great-grandma. With that in mind, explore some good tech gifts for seniors who may otherwise find technology challenging.

Top Tech Gifts to Benefit Seniors

The best gift for parents, grandparents, and older friends will depend on their unique situation and the devices they already own.

Simple Smartphones for Seniors

For seniors without access to connected devices, a smartphone offers a good starting point. Still, elderly or disabled people may struggle to use typical smartphones.
Consider the Doro 824 SmartEasy. PC Magazine honored this phone with its Editor's Choice badge because it's relatively affordable, accessible for people with limited vision or hearing, and simple to use.
Some key features include adjustable, amplified volume, and visible and straightforward navigation. In addition, despite this smartphone's accessibility features, it comes with a decent processor and features for calling, texting, accessing the internet, and more.
The SmartEasy lists for $200, but Consumer Cellular might offer it for less with one of their phone plans. They also offer discounts through AARP. Typical monthly phone plans for talk, text, and internet data range from $20 to $60 a month. Loving family members can present this smartphone and a phone plan as an idea for a family group gift.


During the pandemic, seniors also started buying more wearables. These handy devices help support fitness goals, play music, and offer productivity, communication, and sleep-tracking features. Several companies also make wearables specifically for seniors, and they even include call buttons to use in emergencies.
As an example, Timex makes the Family Connect Senior smartwatch. Benefits include fall detection, location tracking, two-way calling, and instant messaging. The watch also comes with handy fitness sensors, like a heart rate monitor.

Smart Displays

A voice-activated smart display can offer seniors a simple way to video chat, watch TV and movies, hear the news, and much more. Connected to other smart devices, they also provide an easy way to improve security, control the temperature, and shop from home.
Popular examples of these devices include the Amazon Echo Show, Facebook Portal, and Google Nest Hub Max. The best choice may depend upon other devices in the household, budgets, and preferences.

Protect the Best Tech Gifts for Seniors With Upsie

Today's technology offers lots of benefits, including features for fitness, security, communication, productivity, and fun. An Upsie tech warranty ensures that smartphones, wearables, and other devices keep performing like new, even if they get dropped, spilled on, or wear out prematurely. In addition, Upsie offers 24-7 claims by phone.
The best technology can help improve the lives of senior citizens by making it easier to communicate, track fitness, or enjoy entertainment. Likewise, affordable Upsie protection plans will ensure access to certified repair services while preventing unexpected bills.

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