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Canon has a strong reputation among photography enthusiasts and casual photo-takers alike — and for good reason. For generations, the manufacturer has produced top-of-the-line cameras and lenses. With such prestige, however, comes an often hefty price tag. This is especially true for Canon’s elite cameras, some of which require a financial commitment of over $6,000. Add the price of lenses and other equipment, and it’s easy to see why a commitment to the Canon brand can be so costly.
Many proud photographers would argue that the best Canon cameras are worth every penny. That being said, the sheer price of entry into the Canon world is enough that the mere thought of breaking your camera is terrifying. Not all warranties provide accident protection, so it’s important to examine your options carefully before choosing a plan. The following are a few options worth considering:

Canon Limited Warranty

When you invest in Canon products, you can expect modest protection via a limited warranty. Keep in mind that this only covers “defects encountered in normal use of the product.” Unfortunately, this means that many common sources of damage are not included. For example, you may be out of luck if your camera suffers:
  • Electrical current fluctuations
  • Body damage or abrasion
  • Water damage
  • Corrosion
  • Battery leakage
Because coverage is so minimal under Canon’s limited warranty, it’s rarely a wise idea to stick with it exclusively. If you neglect to invest in an extended warranty, you’ll be vulnerable to major losses the moment your camera incurs any damage.
Given the cost of your Canon camera, and the importance it plays in your hobby or profession, it’s worth it to invest in additional protection with an extended warranty. First, you should determine who provides the best protection at a price you’re happy to pay.

Canon CarePAK PLUS

In an effort to address issues left out of the limited warranty, Canon offers a CarePAK PLUS plan that covers many additional sources of damage. This plan is primarily intended for protecting against damages incurred through accidents, such as drops or water exposure.
In addition to accident coverage, Canon’s CarePAK PLUS plan delivers enhanced protection above and beyond the limited warranty. This includes coverage for issues experienced due to general wear and tear during the covered period. With enhanced coverage, you can expect your plan to take care of labor expenses and genuine Canon parts. If necessary, coverage may also be provided for comparable refurbished equipment from Canon.
If your camera has a memory card slot, the CarePAK PLUS plan could also include image recovery. This is arguably the most valuable CarePAK feature, as it attempts to retrieve your work in the worst-case scenario that it is lost.
Time is of the essence with this plan. It must be obtained within 90 days of purchasing new or refurbished Canon equipment. Another key consideration: the warranty’s fine print could leave an uncomfortable amount of wiggle room for Canon to deny claims.

Extended Canon Warranties from Upsie

The camera warranties referenced above should provide some peace of mind, but they can still leave you vulnerable to several potential sources of damage. What’s more, Canon’s extended warranty — like the cameras and lenses it covers — can be expensive. Thankfully, another option exists: an Upsie camera extended warranty. Upsie plans grant you lower prices, better coverage and the confidence you need as you take one amazing photo after another.
With Upsie, you’ll enjoy access to a third-party extended warranty that is easy to understand. Featuring accident protection, Upsie warranties offer coverage for spills, drops, and other common scenarios that might damage your Canon camera. What’s more, we provide all this at a significantly discounted rate.
When determining whether you need an extended warranty, think carefully about the cost of replacing your camera. If you’re an active person with a highly mobile or creative photography style, your extended warranty will be well worth the investment.

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