DJI Mavic 3 Update: The Best Camera Drone Got Better

DJI recently released a long-anticipated firmware Mavic 3 update. Even though the company only updated the firmware, they provided so many upgrades that it’s almost like writing about a new release. The January update followed a less-notable December update, making it even more surprising. ZDNet praised it as a solid update and said the best drone just got better.

Firmware Updates to the DJI Mavic 3 Drone

Highlights of the dozens of recent DJI Mavic 3 firmware updates include:
  • Added Quickshorts, Panorama Mode, burst shooting, and Zoom in regular mode
  • Added better optimization for color correction and Quick Transfer
  • Fixed minor bugs
The firmware update proceeded smoothly, with upgrades working as promised, according to reports. Users also got an update for their iOs or Android apps, plus, DJI offered an update for the RC Pro Controller.

Is the DJI Mavic 3 the Best Pro Drone on the Market?

Even before DJI offered these recent enhancements, many reviewers praised the Mavic 3 Drone. For instance, ZDNet called it the best drone to buy in 2022. The drone can perform well even in inclement weather, and the camera produces excellent footage.
Still, the Mavic 3 retails for over $2,000, and the main critique generally revolves around DJI’s inclusion of the same controller for this model as they offer with their cheaper drones meant for casual hobbyists. The company sells the RC Pro controller, which works much better, but it costs about half as much as the drone does. Serious drone photographers and videographers should probably plan to add the premium controller to their package, pushing the total price over $3,000.
Drone photography enthusiasts enjoy their overall experience with the DJI Mavic 3. Still, people who only want a taste of drone photography might start with a product like DJI’s Drone Mini 2. It starts at about $450, weighs less than the Mavic 3, and includes the same base controller as the pro version.

The Best Camera (Non-Drone) Protection Plans

Think about what a camera drone truly offers. It’s like a small, premium camera that flies in various conditions and produces excellent photos and videos. From that perspective, it’s easy to regard a product like the Mavic 3 as a fantastic piece of technological innovation. At the same time, the very nature of its purpose makes flying a drone quite risky, especially in less experienced hands. Because of the extreme risk, Upsie does not currently offer warranty protection for drones.
However, all camera owners should have an Upsie extended warranty for cameras and lenses. Highlights of this extended protection include:
  • Customers can choose between two- and three-year protection plans up to 60 days after purchase.
  • Upsie covers new and many used cameras and lenses.
  • For all camera plans, there is only a $25 deductible for local or mail-in certified repairs, and they even pay two-day postage for mail-in service.
  • Upsie protection includes accidents, premature wear, defects, and much more.
  • Upsie’s friendly claims representatives will answer the phone 24-7.
Even better, Upsie sells its extended warranties directly to customers. The company doesn’t need to pay retail commissions, so Upsie can charge up to 70% less than its competitors without compromising coverage or service. If a customer decides to sell or upgrade their camera, Upsie will help transfer any remaining protection to a new owner, making the product more valuable. If Upsie decides they can’t repair the device, they may offer reimbursement or even a replacement.
Upsie will ensure that these investments hold their value by providing access to quality repair services and eliminating the chance of unexpected bills. This protection makes sense for cameras, even if they can’t fly!

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