Do You Need to Buy a GoPro Camera Warranty?

Most cameras serve a variety of uses, but some models excel at specific tasks. For instance, professional photographers may choose a mirrorless or DSLR camera as their tool of choice. In contrast, people who want a rugged, compact camera for shooting live-action pictures and videos would probably buy an action camera.
Action cameras have grown very popular with vloggers, sports enthusiasts, and other people who want to capture their active experiences. When most active photographers think of action cameras, they first think of GoPro.
In fact, CNET rated the GoPro Hero 9 as the best choice for hardcore action camera users. They also offered the GoPro hero 8 as a simpler and cheaper alternative for more casual use. Of course, other brands offer a wide range of choices. Anybody in the market for a high-quality action camera may want to check out this comparison of the GoPro Hero 9 vs. Insta360 One R.

Do GoPro Action Cameras Come With a Warranty?

Even though GoPro and other manufacturers engineer action cameras to withstand tough conditions, they can’t make them entirely indestructible. The very fact that people like to attach these cameras to their bikes, bodies, or even boats makes them vulnerable to hard drops and environmental damage.
Like other manufacturers, GoPro’s limited warranty guarantees customers a defect-free experience for one year. Even more, they allow returns for almost any reason within the first 30 days. Still, if a GoPro gets damaged because of a hard drop onto the concrete, the limited warranty won’t help. As an example, GoPro specifically states that their warranty will not cover accidental damage or wear.
Even more, owners will need to pay for any damage or early wear that shows up after the first year. An extended warranty will not only extend the time of coverage, it will also help pay to repair a lot of other problems.

How to Buy the Best Warranty Protection for a GoPro Camera

Photographers who plan to invest a few hundred dollars in a good action camera should also think about buying some extra protection. As an example, customers can choose a two- or three-year Upsie GoPro extended warranty. Even better, buyers have up to 60 days to buy a warranty after purchasing the camera.
Look at just a few advantages of Upsie protection for GoPro cameras:
  • With this warranty in place, Upsie members only need to pay a $25 deductible for repairs. They can choose between local repairs or mail-in service. In the event that it doesn’t make sense to make repairs, Upsie will even offer to send a replacement.
  • Upsie claims representatives are also on call 24-7 to help with the claims process and answer questions.
  • Upsie covers accidental damage, including drops and spills. It also protects against problems from wear or defects that arise after the initial warranty expires.
With all of this coverage, you might assume that Upsie charges a lot for a GoPro camera warranty. Actually, they keep costs low and beat the prices of other name-brand warranty companies. Also, instead of including lots of fine print and exclusions, Upsie spells out the clear terms of their protection plans right on the website.
GoPro has established itself as a leader in action cameras. Of course, some people might choose another brand because of specific features or price. No matter which product photographers choose, it only makes sense to consider an Upsie camera warranty. Besides action cameras, Upsie also offers warranty plans for other kinds of cameras, computers, smartphones, and many other kinds of products.

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