Four Reasons You Need a Camera Extended Warranty

Today’s digital cameras are increasingly high-tech. But, unfortunately, they’re also more expensive than ever as a result. The same goes for lenses and video cameras like the new GoPro Hero 10 Black, too. To ensure that they stay in tip-top condition, experts recommend an extended warranty.
The best extended policies boast a huge number of additional benefits and are distinct from the manufacturer’s limited warranties. Extended warranties offer comprehensive solutions, including coverage for all manner of defects, faults, and other failures. With that in mind, here are four main reasons why an extended warranty for your new camera is a must-have.

Reason #1: Manufacturers’ Standard Warranties Are Limited

Known as standard limited warranties, camera manufacturers’ default warranty provisions are often highly restrictive. Accordingly, customers can only submit warranty claims in very specific circumstances. Furthermore, even when a claim is possible, various further manufacturer limitations may render the claim invalid anyway.
The best way to overcome this is by taking out an extended warranty. Of course, almost all big camera manufacturers and brands, including Canon, Panasonic, Samsung, and Sony, sell their own extended warranty packages.
However, these are generally extremely costly and therefore prohibitively expensive for many people as a result. Even then, the warranties may still have various restrictions and other terms and conditions. The same goes for most so-called in-store warranties, too, sold by the likes of Best Buy, Costco, and Target.
Thankfully, Upsie is here to help. By cutting out unnecessary middlemen, Upsie’s policies are up to 70 percent less expensive than those sold elsewhere. In addition, Upsie’s warranties offer comparable or superior to in-store and manufacturer-supplied extended warranties. Upsie also includes accidental damage protection with all digital camera warranties, camera lens warranties, and video camera warranties.

Reason #2: Cameras (And Lenses) Are All Too Easily Damaged

By their very nature, cameras and lenses are prone to damage. Drops, cracks, and liquid spills can be catastrophic. And when the worst happens, quite often, there’s typically only one person to blame: yourself.
Without an extended warranty, protection plan, or some other form of insurance in place, there’s no other option than to pay out of pocket for costly repairs or — worse still —a complete replacement.
Of course, customers can avoid this by simply taking out an appropriate policy. As long the warranty covers accidental damage comprehensively, you should be able to make claims for accidental damage.

Reason #3: A Camera Extended Warranty Brings Peace of Mind

Along the same lines, extended camera warranties are often worth it purely for peace of mind. Taking good care of cameras, lenses, and other pieces of costly equipment should always be the first line of defense. Still, accidents happen.
With that, they may not be getting the best use out of them. Purchasing a comprehensive extended warranty with accidental damage protection is a great way to overcome this. It’s just one more reason why an extended warranty is a must-have for any new camera.

Reason #4: A Camera Extended Warranty Is Now More Affordable Than Ever

As we’ve already learned, in-store extended warranties and those sold by manufacturers are expensive. In some cases, camera owners blame the high prices for why they opted against taking out all-important extended warranties, despite the potential benefits.
However, camera owners now have the option to choose Upsie instead. Upsie disrupts the traditional extended warranty market and passes on the savings to consumers. By offering affordable yet comprehensive warranties, customers can have peace of mind on all of their camera equipment while saving money.
With Upsie, customers can easily secure a warranty for any camera body, lens, or video camera purchased in the last 60 days. Simply head to or download the exclusive Upsie smartphone app for iOS and Android.

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