How to Choose the Best Panasonic Camera Insurance

Panasonic makes everything from in-flight entertainment systems to washing machines, so some people don’t associate this brand with cameras. Digital Camera World corrected this misconception of the global company by highlighting Panasonic’s best cameras in several different categories.
For example, these Panasonic cameras include:
  • Mirrorless Lumix G Series: Portable with advanced 4G video features
  • Compact consumer-friendly cameras: High-end compacts with fixed lenses and small travel cameras with advanced features
  • Lumix S1 Series: Professional full-frame, mirrorless cameras

Why Purchase a Panasonic Camera Insurance?

The reasons why serious photographers buy extended warranties for professional DSLR and mirrorless cameras appear obvious. First, these high-end cameras cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars.
So the camera owners rely upon their investments to keep their business running. Therefore, they need to make certain their cameras continue to perform well. A good extended warranty will ensure prompt repairs or a replacement in case of defects, accidents, or wear.
Even high-quality compact or travel cameras from Panasonic generally cost a few hundred dollars. Of course, some photographers do use these for work, but even serious amateur photographers want to enjoy these sophisticated devices for a long time. Buying extended warranties allows camera owners to benefit from networks of certified professional repair services and protect against unexpected repair or replacement costs.
Panasonic makes high-quality cameras. Still, people tend to move their cameras around on trips and adventures, so sometimes, things go wrong. Rescue Media found that common camera problems include exposure to liquids, stuck shutters, broken lenses, and battery issues.

What’s the Best Panasonic Camera Insurance Plan?

Similar to other tech companies, Panasonic includes a limited warranty with each camera purchased. As the name implies, they limit coverage to defects in workmanship or parts. Plus, they only cover defects that appear during the limited warranty term. That leaves out problems due to accidents or early wear. The initial warranty won’t even cover defects that show themselves after the limited warranty ends.
Prudent photographers should also compare warranty deals and refuse the extended warranty that retailers offer at the time of purchase. Warranties offered by retailers are often expensive and lack substantial coverage.
In comparison, Upsie offers comprehensive warranties that often cost up to 70 percent less compared to retail warranties. With an Upsie warranty, customers gain access to a range of benefits, including:
  • Customers can choose between two-year and three-year camera warranties.
  • Upsie has live claims representatives waiting by the phone 24-7.
  • Warranties include accident protection, manufacturing, defects, early wear, and more.
  • Upsie customers can select from a network of certified local repair centers or pre-paid, two-day postage to mail-in centers.
  • If repairs don’t make sense on the first claim, Upsie will offer a replacement camera.

How to Purchase an Upsie Panasonic Camera Extended Warranty

To get started, visit the Panasonic camera extended warranty page. Then, browse the plan options, prices, and coverage details. Customers can purchase warranty plans within 60 days of buying the camera. Purchasing a warranty online from Upsie is simple and straightforward.
In addition, Upsie provides camera warranties for Panasonic, Sony, Canon, Nikon, and many more popular brands. They also offer protection plans for electronics, appliances, and outdoor tools.

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