The Fujifilm X T4: One of The Best Cameras on the Market

PC Magazine called this new X-Series model the best camera on the market outside of full-frame cameras. Other reviewers have called the X T4 a perfect hybrid camera. For owners of previous X-Series cameras, the TV also offers several improvements over the previous model, the X T3. Also, while nobody would call the Fujifilm X T4 a cheap camera, photographers would agree that it offers excellent value for its price.

Brief Review of the Fujifilm X T4

Most casual photographers associate Fujifilm with modestly priced compact cameras, and of course, Fujifilm stands out as one of the few remaining film manufacturers. The X-Series represents Fujifilm’s premium line, and over the years, these cameras have converted plenty of photographers from other brands.
A sample of highlights of the Fujifilm X T4 includes:
  • Durable, water and dust-repellent case
  • Decent battery life
  • A stabilized image sensor
  • 4K resolution at 60fps
  • Articulating LCD
This option includes dials on the top to set shutter speed, continuous drive, ISO, and EV. In addition, users can lock or unlock the ISO and shutter dials with a button.
This model shines for still shots and has features that make it a decent choice for videos and vlogging. For instance, the camera comes with a flip-out screen, and users can also point the lens at themselves and use face detection to record their actions.

Why Consider Buying the FujiFilm X T4?

The camera body retails for $1,699, though economical shoppers might find it discounted by a few hundred dollars. But, of course, lenses and other accessories will cost extra. Nevertheless, according to Engadget, the X T4 has a lot of advantages to recommend it for purchase, though it costs more than similar models from its competitors.
Significant positives include excellent image stabilization, superior video quality, a flip-out screen, and a durable build. For potential negatives, the extra size and weight of this model might deter some photographers. Also, autofocus tracking works better in some other cameras.
Most photographers will probably feel quite satisfied with their purchase of a Fujifilm X T4. For comparison shopping, also consider the Sony A6600 and the EOS M6 Mark II.

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