GoPro HERO8 and Mevo Start: Which to Buy and Why

GoPro has long been the go-to brand for compact video cameras. The company came up with its first device aimed at surfers almost two decades ago. Since then, they’ve been adopted by users across the board. Primarily intended as action cameras, GoPros also lend themselves incredibly well to all manner of more casual uses.
Today, YouTubers and other social media streamers form a significant part of GoPro’s market. However, they often have little need for the brand’s trademark rugged, waterproof construction.
With this in mind, options such as the Mevo Start have begun to make more sense. A relative newcomer to the market, Mevo focuses explicitly on making cameras for live streaming and video conferencing. Perfect, then, for a new generation of social media stars, but less so for sportier types looking to capture footage of their various outdoor pursuits.
So, which to buy, and why? On the surface, it seems like a straightforward decision based on an individual user’s needs. Yet, with Mevo’s cameras still coming into their own and GoPro’s line-up so versatile, it may not be so black and white.

GoPro HERO8 vs. Mevo Start

From functionality and build quality to price and subscription options, there’s plenty to consider. With that, it’s important to look closely at both cameras’ features, first of all. Much the same is true of taking into account the pros and cons of each device, including their costs.


GoPro first announced the HERO8 back in 2019. GoPro’s HERO8 is among the latest in an ever-growing line of HERO-branded devices. Improvements in image quality and field-of-view functionality, in particular, help to set it apart from its barely 12-month-old HERO7 predecessor.
Crucially, the HERO8 delivers 1080p live streaming in contrast to the HERO7’s 720p offering. GoPro has also added support for external microphones and accessories aimed squarely at vloggers and live streamers.
The GoPro HERO8 retails for $299.99.

GoPro HERO8 Features

The GoPro HERO8 is nothing if not feature-packed. Unshakable stabilization and high-fidelity audio are just two of the many benefits that the HERO8 is packing. There’s also a choice of four lenses, including narrow, wide, and linear.
Exclusive to GoPro, built-in features such as TimeWarp and LiveBurst give owners more choice than ever when capturing footage. Of course, GoPro’s HERO8 is also extremely rugged and completely waterproof at its core.

Mevo Start

In contrast to GoPro’s rugged and waterproof HERO8, Mevo’s Start is an almost entirely different proposition. What the two do have in common, though, is their appeal to vloggers and live streamers.
The Mevo Start camera and its companion app are designed to create high-quality streams for every major streaming platform. In fact, the Start claims to be the first all-in-one camera built specifically for live streaming. What it lacks in ruggedness, the Mevo more than makes up for in terms of catering to YouTubers and other streamers.
Perhaps surprisingly, especially considering its somewhat less robust construction, the newcomer is a pricier proposition than the comparable GoPro. Mevo Start prices begin at $399.

Mevo Start Features

While less rugged than GoPro’s HERO8, the Mevo Start’s build quality certainly doesn’t disappoint. It looks and feels like a premium product, not unfitting of its approximately $400 price tag.
Key features of the Mevo Start include the ability to stream and record at up to 1080p, a triple microphone array with external audio support, and a six-hour battery. A further distinguishing feature is the Start’s ability to automatically create different camera angles via its companion app.
Elsewhere, and by using face detection and intelligent scene analysis, the Mevo’s autopilot mode can select the most interesting shots and seamlessly edit them into a stream.

GoPro vs. Mevo: Pros and Cons

Both the GoPro HERO8 and Mevo Start come with a number of pros and cons. Crucially, however, the positives vastly outweigh the negatives in each instance when focusing solely on the two devices’ core applications.


Pros of the GoPro HERO8 include its rugged construction and activity-focused feature set. Cons are limited primarily to its lack of more focused live streaming capabilities. Similarly, the Mevo Start struggles in areas outside of its primary focus. Yet, as a device designed for live streaming at its core, it’s tough to beat.


Both are simple to use. Some may prefer the GoPro on the basis of its established brand position. This includes streamers and others who may not traditionally fit GoPro’s typical customer profile.
On the other hand, for those looking for an all-in-one camera built specifically for live streaming, the still comparatively new Mevo Start comes out fighting. Arguably, potential buyers would struggle to find a more straightforward package than the Mevo when searching purely in this regard.


Of course, GoPro isn’t only more established as a brand, it is also a more budget-friendly option than the Mevo Start.
The HERO8 benefits considerably from its $100 cheaper price point. That said, savings are available on both devices for those happy to shop around. Mevo will also offer a healthy discount to anyone looking to purchase multiple cameras.

Other Considerations

Paid subscription options exist for both the GoPro HERO8 and Mevo Start. In terms of the HERO8, this grants unlimited cloud storage among a variety of other benefits. Additional benefits aside, choosing not to pay for a subscription in no way limits the functionality of the GoPro.
Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the Mevo Start. To access certain Mevo features, including graphics overlays and simulcasting, a paid subscription plan is needed.
Furthermore, both devices represent a sizable investment of roughly $300-$400. While the GoPro is designed to withstand much of what any user may throw at it, it’s neither wholly indestructible nor immune from possible manufacturer defects and other faults.
While it may never even see the great outdoors, the Mevo Start is similarly at risk of drops, spills, and other accidents. The same applies to manufacturer defects and additional faults, just like the HERO8.
With that in mind, some form of extended warranty or insurance protection is advisable. With Upsie, for example, customers are protected against lens and screen cracks plus other accident damage. Manufacturer defects and non-accidental power and mechanical failures are covered, too, as are accidental liquid spills and more.


At the end of the day, despite some similarities, the GoPro HERO8 and Mevo Start are both largely unique in what they offer. Established GoPro customers are likely to maintain their brand loyalty. However, the Mevo is an ideal proposition for streaming-only applications.
As an all-rounder, the GoPro HERO8 is a clear winner. For those seeking maximum simplicity in terms of streaming, though, the Mevo Start is tough to beat.
Still, it cannot be overlooked that the Mevo requires an ongoing paid subscription in order to access its full potential. Coupled with the Start’s higher purchase price, this is likely to be a sticking point for many buyers.
Either way, one thing that does remain is the importance of an extended camera warranty plan. Whichever camera an individual selects, Upsie is on hand. Don’t overpay for an extended warranty offered by retailers or manufacturers. Instead, choose Upsie and lock in reliable, affordable and comprehensive coverage for your GoPro HERO8 or Mevo Start.

Protect Your GoPro HERO8 or Mevo Start With Upsie

Prices are just $1.60 per month based on a three-year coverage for a $299 GoPro HERO8. Unlimited claims up to the purchase price of the device are included. Better still, if the cost of repair isn’t feasible, Upsie will replace your camera at no extra cost. There is a small $25 deductible per claim for all repairs or replacements alike.
Coverage includes extended manufacturer protection and accidental damage protection from drops, spills, water submersion and more.

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