How to Use a Mevo Camera for Successful Streaming

A TechCrunch reviewer with professional broadcasting experience gave the Mevo Start Pack with Mevo’s Multicam app high praise. Of course, the Mevo solution cannot replace the setup of a global news organization, but it offers an attractive solution for YouTube, FaceBook, or Twitch live streamers.
It also works well for smaller organizations, like local school sports. The kit costs about $1,000 and only needs a good internet connection, lights, and a microphone to provide a multi-camera solution for a relatively low cost.

How to Produce Live Streams With a Mevo

Streamers only need one Mevo to produce successful lifestreams without special technical skills. Likewise, many YouTube or Facebook broadcasters won’t require a multi-camera setup.
With the app, streaming to a live event only requires three basic steps, including:
  • According to Mevo, the camera person needs to connect the camera with the Mevo app. After making this connection, a round, red button will appear in the bottom-left corner of the camera’s screen display. Tap that red button to view the menu of options.
  • Choose a prompt from the menu bar that will allow the user to either create a new event or connect to an existing one. The following prompt lets the user either name the event or specify the name of an existing event and choose to notify followers.
  • After that, users can choose the streaming quality and toggle on or off the chat display. Finally, click the “Go Live” button at the top-right side of the screen to begin.
Tapping a small red dot will offer a handy information bar during the live stream. This bar displays battery percentage, an event timer, a viewer count, and the bitrate.
Next, slide the large red button to the right to end the event. Users also can upload a copy of the video to Vimeo, post it to an event page, or save it to a MicroSD card.

Does the Mevo Camera Offer a Good Live-Streaming Solution?

This camera offers much better quality and control than a standard web camera. At the same time, even new users should find the experience simple, straightforward, and seamless.

The Best Mevo Camera Warranty

One Mevo Start Live camera retails for between $350 to $400 and offers good value for live streamers. The three-pack provides a multi-camera setup for about $1,000. Thus, this product can give streamers a reasonably affordable way to produce high-quality live videos that they can also save to edit or allow the audience to watch later.
Along with the cameras, streamers may also need other equipment, like a mobile device to run apps, lights, and a high-quality microphone. Luckily, Upsie offers low-cost, high-quality warranty protection for cameras, camera accessories, and other kinds of electronics.
For a camera warranty, Upsie protection includes:
  • The customer’s choice of two or three years of robust protection
  • Robust coverage against accidents, defects, wear, and more
  • Live claims service 24-7 to coordinate and expedite claims and repairs
  • The customer’s choice between mail-in or local service from certified camera technicians
Even better, Upsie sells directly to customers through their website or on the phone. This model allows the company to offer lower prices than retail competitors without skimping on service or broad protection. Even so, customers do not need to make a rushed decision about warranty plans because Upsie gives camera buyers up to 60 to register their protection plan.
A Mevo camera can give live streamers an affordable, professional solution. Similarly, Upsie offers affordable, complete protection for cameras, accessories, and other electronics.

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