The Most Anticipated Camera Bodies to Consider in 2022

The camera body refers to the main part of the camera. A camera’s body includes the external case and the external or internal sensors and other components needed to capture images, but the body does not include a lens. With DSLR or some mirrorless cameras, retailers may advertise a body-only camera for sale.
Some photographers might already own compatible lenses from an older to a new version of the same brand’s camera body. In this case, budget-minded photographers might only hope to buy the body to keep from spending money on lenses they might already own or not need.

Camera Bodies Versus Cameras With Lenses

More commonly, retailers sell cameras with a kit lens. A kit lens refers to a basic lens that allows the photographer to take photos immediately without buying anything else. New photographers should probably consider this option because they can use the kit lens to get used to the new device and add more lenses to their collection later.
Less frequently, a DSLR or mirrorless camera might come with multiple lenses. The inclusion of more than one lens generally happens when photographers sell pre-owned devices and a collection of lenses that they accumulated, but sometimes retailers will offer bundles. Sometimes, bundled photographic equipment provides good value. Otherwise, newer photographers typically prefer to acquire additional lenses as they take enough time to understand which lenses they need.

Anticipated Camera Bodies for 2022

The term camera bodies applies to DSLR and mirrorless cameras with detachable and interchangeable lenses. Camera manufacturers plan to offer plenty of innovation in the coming year. For advanced camera bodies, consider these anticipated releases for 2022:

Canon EOS R7

TechRadar named the Canon EOS R7 the most exciting camera for 2022. Industry watchers say they have caught hints that Canon has already released this new model to select photographers for testing. The manufacturer has not yet announced a release date, but speculators believe Canon will release it to the market this year.
Canon has not announced a price, but TechRadar thinks it will land somewhere around $1,400 to $1,500 or possibly a bit more. If these rumors prove true, this new Canon should serve as an affordable option for photographers seeking advanced mirrorless tech.

FujiFilm X-H2

As with the Canon EOS R7, rumors suggest FujiFilm will release the X-H2 at some point in 2022. The X-H1 arrived in 2018 for about $1,900, but speculators believe the X-H2 will cost over $2,000 but less than $2,500. A new sensor design should improve sharpness and ISO performance. These new sensors may also improve the camera’s autofocus, video, and burst shooting.

The Best Extended Warranty for High-Quality Cameras Bodies

When serious amateurs and professionals invest in high-quality cameras, they expect to enjoy great performance for many years.
Still, these sensitive and sophisticated devices are exposed to plenty of wear and less-than-ideal environmental conditions during use. Meanwhile, the camera manufacturer’s initial warranty will only pay to repair the camera in case of factory defects, and that protection only lasts for a short time.
In comparison, Upsie offers affordable protection plans for cameras and camera lenses and covers accidental damage, defects, and more. Highlights of Upsie’s extended warranties include:
  • Warranty coverage protects from broken lenses, liquid damage, mechanical failures, connectivity problems, and much more.
  • Upsie’s friendly claims representatives will answer the phone 24-7 to arrange local or mail-in repairs by certified technicians.
  • Upsie pays two-way postage for mail-in repairs with an industry-low $25 deductible with no hidden fees.
In addition, Upsie costs up to 70 percent less than warranty competitors, ensuring that photographers get the most value out of their warranty protection. For intuitive coverage, choose Upsie.

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