The New Fujifilm X-E4: What You Need to Know

If you’re searching for a new camera for upcoming vacations, spring birdwatching or documenting family events, you’ve probably discovered the market is saturated with a dizzying array of choices. No matter what level of photographer you are, there is a sea of options to suit your style.
Then there’s the cost. Even the lower end or point-and-shoot cameras come with a high price tag that causes many people to pause. But you probably want something good to capture beautiful moments or scenes in vivid detail. The new Fujifilm X-E4 is among the many cameras coming out in 2021 and might be just what you have in mind. Remember that most cameras today come with various mirrors and moving parts that would be difficult to repair on your own or without great expense. So we recommend searching for an extended warranty that keeps you snapping photos of images that matter to you most.
If you’re new to Fujifilm cameras, sometimes just called Fuji, it might help to learn more about the brand and this new camera in particular.

What Do You Need to Know About Fujifilm?

Fujifilm was established in 1934 in Tokyo, Japan, as a subsidiary company meant to produce photographic films and motion picture films. The company accomplished these aims throughout the 1930s. They then went on to produce optical lenses, electronic imagery technologies, and much more to expand and diversify its already impressive portfolio.
Over the next 70-80 years, the company has found success in all film-related areas. Still, it has entrenched itself in the photographic and video market, making it an instantly recognizable name brand. While perhaps not quite as sought after as other top brand names, customers count on Fujifilm for top-tier optical capabilities and quality.

What About the New Fujifilm X-E4?

Fuji has developed its E-Series of cameras, defined and epitomized by the top-left corner viewfinder position. Photographers have long loved this series’ compact, portable size, combined with its high-end capabilities. It has become a popular option for on-the-go shutterbugs, traveling and needing something lightweight that still takes high-quality pictures. You can stow it in a backpack and enjoy it on day treks and hiking trips. This series takes great pictures, looks great with the top-left viewfinder feature, and is durable.
Buyers love this series, but they’ve also been calling for upgrades, and with the X-E4’s arrival, the long-awaited upgrades are here. One of the most exciting features of the new camera includes the kit lens and an updated edition of the XF 27mm F2.8.
Take a closer look at what the X-E4 has to offer.

The Rangefinder

The rangefinder gives the X-E4 a unique look among today’s sleek and contoured cameras. That’s at least part of the point, adding to the experience of taking classic photos with a classic, top-left-corner viewfinder. It looks like a camera your parents might have used, but it does so much more. Another goal Fujifilm had in mind was to create this unique, throwback experience without charging loyal customers a bundle that others have spent on the X-Pro3, which costs around $1,800. Fortunately, the E4 rings up at around half that price tag.

Size, Style, and Other Features

The X-E4 measures at 1.29-inches deep and weighs only .8-pounds, making it easy to slip into a loose jacket pocket, satchel or another small bag. Don’t let the compact nature make you think it lacks in style. Even with minimal proportions, you’ll love the care that went into designing this machine that features magnesium alloy top-plate, metal dials, and genuine leather on parts of the camera body. The look is pure classic sophistication that is also simple enough to let you enjoy the moment you’re experiencing while capturing it with ease and precision.

Lack of Weather-Sealant

One consideration to keep in mind is that the X-E4 isn’t weather-sealed, meaning you need to be careful in damp environments. Therefore you want to make sure you invest in an Upsie camera warranty in case you get caught in the rain or drop your camera.

Video Capabilities

You’ll love the X-E4’s video capabilities, featuring 4K capture at 8-bit 4:2:0 recording internally with support for 10-bit output via HDMI. You might need accessory add-ons, such as a lens with OIS, to make up for the lack of sensor stabilization.

Fujifilm Has Added More Lenses and Lens Capabilities

The X-Series still holds the record as the slimmest lens on the market. But they’ve added some options here, including an aperture ring, weather protection, and a new telezoom.

The Fujifilm X-E4 Is on Its Way: Is It the Right Camera for You?

Fujifilm plans to start shipping the X-E4 at the end of March 2021. So you have time to decide whether it’s the right camera for you to enjoy snapping photos and achieving goals. Since you have a baseline price, remember to shop for an insurance policy for your new photo investment to keep it safe wherever you go.

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