A Quick Guide to Buying a Good Refurbished Camera

Refurbished cameras can offer photographers a chance to save money on high-quality and like-new photographic equipment. Lower prices give experienced professionals an option to advance while allowing beginners to develop their skills.
Typically, refurbished camera sellers offer some guarantees of performance with every sale. Find out how to find trusted sellers and where to buy the best protection plan for refurbished cameras.

Guide to Trusted Sources of High-Quality Refurbished Cameras

Digital Camera World suggested looking for refurbished cameras at the source: their manufacturers or distributors. The publication used Canon as an example because this company subjects pre-owned cameras to a rigorous testing and repair process before offering them for sale. Other prominent manufacturers run similar programs.
Established procedures for refurbishing cameras allow the seller to offer guarantees that the product will perform as promised. Refurbishment programs like this also offer lenses, lights, and other camera accessories. Check major camera manufacturers and camera stores for their programs.
Besides manufacturers or dedicated camera outlets, such large retailers as Amazon and Walmart offer programs for refurbished or renewed cameras. For instance, Amazon offers a renewed camera program. With this program, Amazon provides customers with a 90-day return guarantee and dedicated claims and troubleshooting support.
Sometimes, the cameras and accessories listed on major retailers come from third parties, not the retailer that lists the products, so be certain to find out which guarantees apply.

What to Look For When Shopping for a Refurbished Camera

Some other things to consider when shopping for a refurbished camera or accessory include:
  • Price: Shoppers should compare prices to ensure that the refurbished product sells for a price that offers good value. Prices might depend upon age, condition, the item’s value when new, and demand.
  • Condition: Some sellers offer refurbished cameras in like-new condition, but others may specify that their product has cosmetic or other damage or lacks accessories, like cables or power cords.
  • Guarantee: Check out the return policy and warranty or guarantee in case an issue slipped through the inspection process.
Typically, large retailers or local photography stores will offer warranties or guarantees to assure customers that their refurbished products will look and function as advertised. They might even package them and include any accessories that come with new products. Buyers should check listings to see what they should expect.

The Best Extended Warranty for a Refurbished Camera

Buying refurbished cameras and accessories is a smart choice. Saving money might also allow photographers to purchase high-quality equipment or invest in additional lenses and other accessories.
Most sellers should offer at least a 30-day warranty to assure customers that the product will arrive in excellent condition to meet their expectations. With at least a seller’s warranty of 30 days, these products qualify for an Upsie extended warranty for refurbished cameras.
In other words, Upsie offers people who buy refurbished cameras a chance to enjoy the same protection plans that they would get if they purchased new ones. Because Upsie bases its prices upon the price paid for the product, these savvy consumers get two chances to save money. Refurbished camera buyers pay less for their purchase and its extended warranty.
Meanwhile, Upsie’s warranty offers 24-7 claims, a choice of local or mail-in service, and broad coverage against premature wear, defects, and accidents. Trust Upsie’s broad protection and comprehensive coverage for refurbished or new cameras.

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