Use These Top GoPro Accessories to Capture Amazing Shots

GoPro makes fantastic action cameras perfect for everything from capturing extreme sports runs to lifestyle vlogging and everything in between. Part of what makes the GoPro community and experience so exciting is the sheer variety of what people use their cameras for.
Of course, GoPro understands that not everyone is doing the same things with their cameras, that it’s not all skydiving and base jumping. That’s why the company has pumped out some stellar accessories for their cameras, especially the GoPro Hero9. Each of these accessories changes the GoPro experience in its own way.
Not sure which accessories to get? This guide should help.
By the way, if you’ve recently picked up a new GoPro camera, there’s no better time than right now to protect it with an Upsie extended warranty. More on the reasons why down below.


Ideal for backpackers, urban explorers, skiers, bikers and more, Chesty is a high-performance backpack-style chest mount that’s compatible with all GoPro cameras. Simply slide on the harness, adjust to fit and attach your GoPro, and you’re ready to capture awesome POV footage of wherever you’re going.
The adjustable straps work well in any application, from bare skin to over top of thick winter apparel.

Head Strap + QuickClip

If you’re looking for a POV video that looks where you look, the Chesty isn’t going to cut it. You need something head-mounted, and the Head Strap + QuickClip is a simple yet effective solution.
The adjustable head strap does exactly what you think it does, plus it can attach to your helmet, too. The QuickClip attachment does quite a bit. Use it to attach any GoPro to the head strap— or just about anything, from the back of a baseball cap to a belt to a backpack strap.

Hero9 Black Max Lens Mod

One of the pricier mods available, the Max Lens Mod adds the highest level of stabilization to your GoPro Hero9 Black at up to 2.7K60 footage. The ultrawide lens gives you a 155-degree field of view and produces the smoothest video from any GoPro, including in TimeWarp mode. The horizon lock is impressively powerful, too, keeping a lock on the horizon no matter which way your camera flips or falls.
The Max Lens Mod is one of the features that sets the GoPro Hero9 Black apart, at least in the eyes of some pro reviewers. It’s an excellent upgrade, though it does add some bulk to a camera that doesn’t need any more of that.

Hero9 Black Camera Media Mod

If you’re using your GoPro for interviews or vlogs and want to capture a much higher quality audio signal, the Media Mod is your ticket. It’s a frame-style mod that wraps around your GoPro Hero9 Black, adding a powerful directional microphone with built-in windscreen. The microphone is designed to reduce ambient noise while boosting vocal frequencies.
The Media Mod also contains two cold-shoe mounts so you can attach other media equipment, like lights, external mics, or external screens. (And, of course, GoPro is happy to sell you these other attachments.)

Hero9 Black Protective Housing + Waterproof Case

The Hero9 Black is already waterproof and can take impressive footage at the lake, beach or the pool. But it isn’t certified to get dropped nearly 200 feet down to the ocean floor. If you want to go deep and long underwater, you’ll need the Protective Housing and Waterproof Case set.
This accessory offers the ultimate in ruggedness and waterproofing, up to 60 meters deep. Despite this impressive protection, you can still view the front screen and even access the rear touch screen through a skeleton backdoor.

3-Way 2.0

Why settle for a selfie stick or a flimsy tripod when you can get the 3-Way 2.0? This clever device is a grip, an adjustable multi-angle arm, and a tripod all in one. The head of the 3-Way is a ball joint, too, so you can pivot and swivel your GoPro endlessly.
The 3-Way 2.0 is compatible with all GoPro cameras.

Got a New GoPro? Get an Extended Warranty, too

If you’ve recently picked a new GoPro (whether a Hero9 Black or some other model), you’re in for a world of content-creating fun. And even though your new camera is already exceptionally durable, it’s still a good idea to protect it with an extended camera warranty from Upsie.
GoPros are designed to take a real beating, but that’s the thing: they do take a serious beating. And no matter how well constructed, components can degrade and break over time. An Upsie extended warranty protects you against those kinds of problems, from accidental damage to component failure and even defects that the manufacturer might not cover.
Upsie’s rates are extremely competitive, and coverage terms are simple and straightforward. Don’t get stuck with a broken camera right when it matters most. Get your extended warranty coverage today so you’re prepared for whatever happens.

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