4 Essential Video Camera Accessories for a Successful Shot

Today, people can shoot videos with a DSLR or mirrorless camera that sometimes rival cinema quality. Photographers may prefer these small, lightweight, and portable devices because they’re easy to take to the best place to capture the action. It’s great to travel light, but to truly rival professional equipment, a videographer should consider buying some essential accessories for their video camera.

Four Pro-Level Accessories for Video Cameras

Professional or serious amateur videographers should consider adding these accessories to their video kit as soon as possible.


For both videos and still shots, CNET says that photographers should include a tripod in their kit. To choose the best tripod, first consider the materials and height requirements. For example, the price between aluminum, carbon fiber, or titanium tripod legs can vary wildly; however, the material will also impact the tripod’s weight, durability, and portability.
Mostly, don’t regret buying a cheaper tripod that might not provide the best stability or become a burden to lug around. CNET’s photography accessory reviewers suggested buying the best one that the photographer can afford. For one thing, better quality tripods should even outlast the cameras they’re meant to support and stabilize. Good tripods can actually help save money in the long run.

Microphones or field recorders

Of course, shooting videos doesn’t just require great images. Videos also capture sound. Very often, the internal microphones included in video cameras won’t have the capabilities to allow sound quality to match video quality. That’s why it’s best to upgrade to an external microphone or field recorder as soon as possible.


Besides audio, lighting can also make a huge difference in video quality. Budget-friendly LED panels can provide an affordable and effective way to improve low-light or indoor shots. Proper lighting will give your shots a more professional look.


Lens selection can also greatly impact image quality or even the kinds of videos it’s possible to catch. For instance, consider these suggestions:
  • Landscapes might require wide lenses, such as 18mm or 24mm.
  • For cityscapes that include shots of people, consider 35mm or 50mm.
  • Zoom lenses can capture action that’s far away, so look at a 200mm telephoto lens.
On the topic of lenses, don’t forget to include a lens cleaning kit in your bag. Smudges happen, and nobody wants to have a video ruined by a fingerprint. Also, learn more about selecting the best camera lenses by reading this article from Upsie.

Other Nice-to-Have Video Accessories

Besides, a tripod, lighting, and lenses, advanced shots may require a few more accessories. According to Adorama, an established camera equipment retailer, these include filters, hand grips, and sliders. Of course, after buying the camera and accessories, a good camera person will also invest in high-quality carrying cases to protect everything and make the entire assemblage easier to organize and move around.

Why Videographers Should Warranty Their Investment in Camera Equipment

It’s true that today’s videographers can shoot pro-level videos with fairly affordable cameras. At the same time, adding in the basic accessories might cost as much or more than the base camera. Especially when buying the highest quality equipment that the photographer can afford, it’s essential to consider protecting this investment with a trusted warranty plan.
Certainly, almost all cameras and equipment will come with a short-term warranty from the manufacturer or seller. These almost never last more than one year and sometimes, they have terms of only a few months.
Most of all, seller warranties focus on assuring customers that the equipment is free from defects in workmanship and materials at the time of sale. They typically won’t cover early wear on mechanical parts, mysterious connection problems that crop up thirteen months later, or most of all, accidents.

Why Choose Upsie for Protecting Video Cameras and Accessories?

Upsie offers affordable, comprehensive warranties for video cameras and lenses. It’s as easy to register for an Upsie warranty online as it is to take advantage of the 24-7 claims service with live customer representatives.
Some examples of the broad warranty coverage include repairs for cracked lenses or screens, mechanical, connectivity, or power failures, and even damage from accidental spills or drops. In the event repairs won’t make sense, Upsie will provide a replacement of equal value.
Learning to take pro-quality videos can turn into a lifelong hobby and for some, a lucrative career. Getting started takes an investment in the right equipment and of course, in learning how to use it well. Prudent videographers should invest in the best video camera and accessories that they can afford and of course, the best video camera and lens warranty!

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