Why Wait for the Canon EOS R3 Mirrorless Digital Camera?

According to the manufacturer, the Canon EOS R3 hasn’t quite hit the retail market yet. Even so, the camera’s already generated plenty of attention from the press and camera enthusiasts. Find out if professional and serious amateur photographers think Canon’s latest model is worth waiting a little bit longer for.

What’s New About the Canon EOS R3 Mirrorless Camera?

So far, Canon hasn’t released all of the details. At the same time, it’s possible to make some comparisons to current Canon models. For some examples:
  • Canon pointed out that the previous EOS R5 and R6 cameras represented major advancements in the category of full-frame, mirrorless cameras. They expected the EOS R3 to represent another milestone.
  • They also mentioned that the new model will fall between the specs of the R5 and their flagship camera, the EOS-1D X Mark III.
  • Right now, the EOS R5 starts at $3,899, and the Mark II retails for about $6,500. It’s fair to assume that the EOS R3 will fall somewhere between these two prices.
TechRadar mentioned that they anticipated a better Eye Control Function. This high-tech feature allows photographers to choose autofocus points by looking through the viewfinder and focusing their own eyes upon them. Canon actually released a similar function several years ago; however, it wasn’t reliable.
TechRadar reviewers felt excited about trying this version and hoped that the new patented process would work well. They also anticipated that the electronic shutter would allow for fast, burst shooting. In that way, they compared it to the Sony A1 camera.

Does the Canon EOS R3 Need an Extended Warranty?

Canon established their reputation as an advanced, high-quality camera maker over generations. In turn, their top-line cameras require a substantial investment. Even if many serious photographers think the quality justifies the investment, the Canon limited warranty only covers camera problems that arise because of a defect that shows up during normal use.
If the camera suffers damage because of such common hazards as getting dropped, having moisture seep in, or battery corrosion, the owner will probably need to pay for repairs out of their own pocket. In particular with such new and high-tech cameras as the EOS R2, it’s sometimes even challenging to find a qualified repair service. An extended warranty not only ensures access to certified technicians, it also provides a lot more protection.
When photographers spend a few thousand dollars on a top-line camera, they generally expect to rely on it often for years. An extended warranty can ensure prompt repairs from qualified technicians and help manage budgets.

Have You Compared Upsie Canon EOS R3 Extended Warranties?

Anybody who buys an expensive device can expect to get multiple offers for extended warranties. Quite often, both the seller and the manufacturer will compete for their share of this business. However, consumers can choose their own protection plan and are under no obligation to buy from a particular warranty company. In any case, nobody needs to make an impulsive warranty purchase at the sales counter. Upsie gives their customers up to 60 days after buying a camera to purchase a camera warranty.
Upsie’s 24-7 claims service offers customers their choice of mail-in or local service centers. If it doesn’t make sense to repair the camera, Upsie will even offer to replace it. Besides, Upsie covers common threats to cameras such as cracked screens, liquid damage, mechanical failure, screen issues, and so much more. To get started, visit the Upsie Canon extended warranty page to view transparent terms and prices.
In addition to Canon cameras, Upsie also has protection plans for other brands of cameras, camera lenses and video cameras. Invest some thought in choosing the right camera, and then make a simple choice to protect it with Upsie.

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